Web search tool Relationships To Marketing


The scene of web search tools have went through ,teoma

a few intense changes throughout the long term. Not just with

innovation, yet in addition with different organizations

between the a wide range of search organizations too.

Web search tool Relationships To Marketing

You may be running your web crawler questions on

a specific web search tool, teoma,despite the fact that who is in fact

providing the outcomes - it very well may be an alternate

organization by and large.

The following, is a rundown of the web indexes that feed your

valuable catchphrases:


Hurray gives the essential query items to Yahoo

search, Alta Vista, and AllTheWeb, and gets paid

postings from Yahoo Search Marketing (previously known

,teoma, as Overture).


Google gives the essential web index results

to Google AOL Search and furthermore Netscape. Google moreover

supplies paid postings to Lycos, Ask, Netscape, AOL

Search, and HotBot. It likewise supplies auxiliary

results to HotBot and accepts it's catalog information


Lycos gets the catalog query items from

DMOZ, essential outcomes from Ask, and paid postings

from Google Adwords.


Hotbot gets catalog query items from DMOZ,

essential list items from Ask, and paid/auxiliary

results from Google Adwords.


Ask gives essential outcomes to Ask, Hotbot, and

Lycos. It gets auxiliary indexed lists from

Teoma and the catalog results from DMOZ, with

paid postings from Google Adwords.

In relations to showcasing, web crawlers can

give anything you need to be aware. Assuming somebody is

searching for something, they typically allude to the

web indexes. At the point when they type it in, the most elevated

locales on the motors will show - which is regularly

where the guest will go.

By keeping great situation on the web search tools,

you'll be close to the first for guests who are looking

for a specific item. You can rake in boatloads of cash

with web search tools also, on the off chance that you understand what you

are doing.

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