How to Fight The Rock Using Only Make Money for Beginners

  revealing the laziest way to make money online as a  and how complete beginners

earning 100 to 700 a day with no

experience more than after the intro

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we literally have a 62 year old woman go

from zero to 160 grand in 90 days so

check it out now so this is literally

one of the laziest ways i've seen people

make money online because of the fact

that they don't really have to do much

they don't have to show their face on

camera they don't have to create a bunch

of pieces of content that no one's going

to watch or read they don't actually

5 ways to make money for beginners

have to do much things and there's

multiple actually ways to go ahead and

do it uh one way is exactly what i did

to make my first hundred dollars a day

which was one of the easiest things

didn't take much time it didn't take

much effort i didn't have to you know

create content every single day um and

it was one of the things that initially
got me freedom in my life and another

one is literally what these people did

went from zero to 30 grand in five to

eight weeks right and you could see that

it's not just like some young like kid

that got lucky it's like 47 year olds

it's immigrants it's 58 years olds and

it's a bunch of 20 30 and 40 year olds

just going ahead and doing this right

from all around the world you even have

like francisco from chile where the

average monthly salary is 500 a month

still go from zero to 30 grand a month

faster than anything else right so

you're probably wondering okay well

that's great for them mike but what are

all the lazy ways i want to know exactly

what it is that you want to do well like

i said the first lazy way they want to

talk about on how i made money online uh

that literally didn't require any skill

that i did

like in my spare time maybe 15 or 30

minutes a day and something that's so

stupid simple when you see this you're

like seriously this is what it is and

that's literally like selling things on

ebay that exists on other platforms and

only buying it on other platforms after

you've made a sale it's like one of the

most low-risk businesses in the world

and you can see it actually happen right

now like look at this i literally typed

in the word bunk bed cherry and you see

all these bunk beds that are literally

the same like you see this one right

here where it's a little bit more

artistic you see this one right here you

see this one right here you see this one

right here you see this one right here

like notice that they're literally all

the exact same damn bunk bed over and

over again here's like a different bunk

bed it's literally the same thing but a

different picture right um you see it

again right here you see it again right

here look at this oh look this one sold

for a little bit more expensive you see

this one right here you see this one

right here you're probably wondering

okay like

if it's so lazy

and you want a lazy way to make money


why on earth would all these people be
doing it 

because it's also a lazy way to

make money online and if they're doing

that then you know that they're making

money off of it right and this is

something that you got to understand

like look at all this opportunity six plus

and they're all the exact same products

right so if i literally go and click on

all of these look at this two were sold

for 319

right what about this one 12 have been

sold for 273 dollars i look at this one uh

none of those have been sold so let's

actually exit on that

look at this one six have been sold and

this one three have been sold some of

these are literally just like new

like uh ebay things this one's a little

bit older this one is a little bit newer

uh and this is the amount of reviews

they have this is a little bit older

and yeah so once you see that you're

like okay well how these people are all

making money do they just own the same

freaking bunk bed right look at this

it's all even the exact same pictures

right well all you really got to do is

if you go to any one of these things
take this thing right here you literally

just copy and paste that and notice that

that if you put it into for example

google you will literally find where

they got it and they got it from walmart

right and literally when you go ahead

and do that and you click on the color

that they chose you could see that it's

only 219

and this is why i was like so lazy when

i first got started because when i first

got started there's so much different

ways to make money and i was afraid of

just losing money right um and i was so

afraid of failure i didn't want to spend

money on things because like i've never

tried making money online in the past i

didn't believe in myself and all this

really did for me was give me the belief

check of i remember when i sold my first

product it was like it was like an ab

wheel roller and i made like i think a

couple dollars profit and i was like oh

my god you know that was like the best

couple of dollars because i was like it

i can sell things online right and

how it works like i said is all these

products you know they're essentially

just taking the pictures and just copy

and pasting them on ebay right

 they're listing it and we have a bunch of tutorials just type 

in microseal ebay and you'll figure it out exactly how but like you could see that they kind of like get even more a little bit creative by like using different pictures and

putting a little bit of photoshop on it

to go ahead and make them a little bit

different and stand out that's literally

what this person did and they sold it

for even more so if you do just like a

little bit of um uniqueness to the

picture that people get from here which

all the pictures are over here right

actually they didn't even use any

editing they just use the second picture

on here and they just did that right and

then you can see this one

it looks like a different product when

people search for things on ebay does

that make sense and literally all i did

one of the laziest ways is i remember

like going to school walking around and


literally in between classes i would go

go on my computer and just like

copy and paste pictures from for example

walmart to ebay walmart to ebay walmart

ebay and i was just like wait and then

out of nowhere like because you have

like a little app on your phone like you

would hear the most obnoxious twitching

noise it would just be like

and i was like what the heck is that and

it's actually your ebay app telling you

that you have a sale and the money

already goes into your bank account you

literally take that money from your

customer from ebay you literally just

buy it from walmart and you just ship it

directly to the customer now this is

something that like i said i i don't

know of a more lazier way to make money

online like you're literally not doing

much right other than copy and pasting

which at the day i went over to and i hired a filipino for

like a dollar an hour back then i i did

like some negotiation i was like okay


uh you don't have any like it was

 that didn't have any experience

on her up work so i was like okay let me

do a test run a dollar an hour and she's

like yeah i was like


okay and then i hired her and she was

just doing the copy and pasting for me

and then i started traveling

and like kind of like i took a i lived

in a mega bus for like like a couple

months and just traveled around the us

that was like really interesting but a

lot of it was just stem from like this

business right here right now the other

way that 

people are doing money that's
also extremely lazy like 

what these people are actually going ahead and doing is they're just like realizing

okay i don't want to do any shipping i

don't want to do any handling i don't

want to do customer service i just want

to go and sell products and i don't want

to create content i don't want to make

like 3 000 videos like what mike does i

don't want to write articles because no

one might read them

 i just want to make money fast and now and i don't want to

put myself on camera well what they're

actually doing is crazy because they're

doing all of that without doing all the

hard things that i'm doing right uh like

for example what they do is they go to


because clickbank is free and then when

you go ahead and sign up you can

literally start promoting any products

on here and start getting paid 113 to

178 dollars per commission so the reason

why i ended up pivoting over to this
style of business is 

because with this model i was profiting maybe a couple dollars here and there maybe ten dollars fifteen dollars twenty

and the competition was a lot harder

right so this way it's like great

because i didn't have to do the shipping

the handling the customer service i

didn't have to build a product because

there's so many products that already

exist right here in fact this was

actually one of the first ways that i

went from zero to eight thousand dollars

in the first 30 days um because it was a

product that i did not own it was in the

health and wellness space and you could

see over from zero to two hundred

dollars a week to two thousand back to

seven grand then to six thousand nine

hundred right and you could see if this

was possible right it's literally because of a product that

 i did not have

to service or create myself which meant

that i'm extremely lazy because i don't

have to build something i just have to

promote something that already was built

does that make sense and what they're

actually doing like a lot of these are

supplements like dietary supplements

right where you're literally getting 170

per commission and you don't have to do

any of the back-end stuff and all

they're doing is running simple ads that

anybody can do and you're probably

wondering well mike i'm not good at ads

i don't know how to create content i

don't want to show my face on camera i

don't want to like take my shirt off

like what you do and you could see that

neither do these people like 47 year old

dina doesn't want to do what i do you

know 58 year old greg didn't want to do

what i do uh ilio like didn't want to do

what i did they just wanted to be more

introverts like behind the scenes making

money online so what do they do they

create simple youtube ads like this look

at this video is only two minutes long it's

just one video but this one video gets

more views in one hour than my channel

does in a day look at this 29 000 views

per hour

it's it's their only video on their

channel if you literally go and click on

their channel there's no there's there's

no content on there just this ad because

it's unlisted

17 million views and it just launched

like literally last month so in 30 days

it got more views than some people's

entire careers on youtube and 29 000

views per hour so just imagine okay

imagine you own like a mcdonald's right

and in that mcdonald's 29 000 people per

hour go into that mcdonald's 

how much money do you think that mcdonald's 

would make probably a lot right 

because just imagine 29 000 people that's a lot of traffic and eyeballs that go into that

drive-through of mcdonald's mcdonald's

doesn't do that right mcdonald's gets

maybe like i don't know a couple hundred

per hour maybe and you know some of

these mcdonald's franchises make

millions of dollars a year right so just

imagine what happens when 29 000 people

go into the drive-through of this ad

that literally doesn't take that long to

create look there's no camera you don't

see anyone's faces it's a bunch of just

stock footage as well as just like text

right and you're probably wondering well

okay well what makes this the lazy way

well think about this right

the hardest part is creating a script

which we exactly teach you how to create

that script right um and then you know

this video is actually really easy once

you have the script you literally just

upload it onto a place like this right

where an ai voice will literally create

the ad for you like listen to this if i click play

that's that's not a real voice that's an
ai voice okay 

so they literally go ahead

and use this to go ahead and make the

voice for them and you're probably

wondering okay well where else can i be

lazy well i can also be lazy by just

like not having to edit it myself

because once you have the text from the

script and the voice you literally just

upload it onto a place

 like for example

in video and you can see that it

literally does exactly what you're

looking for it plays

you know you puts the text from the

script that you created which we teach

you how and it puts the right videos on

the back end so it does the editing for

you right and just between those alone

people are literally going from zero to

thirty thousand dollars a month profit

in five to eight weeks now i don't know

where else can you go where you're

literally not doing as much as ways to

make money online like you're not making

three videos a day like what i'm doing

you're not writing a bunch of blog

articles you're not showing your face on

camera and in fact one

two minute video could potentially be a

million dollar business

this ad right here is a million dollar
ad that generated a million dollars plus

because of just the sheer amount of

eyeballs that are going to this

those literally youtube channels that

get only 29 000 views a day

and they're making millions of dollars a


imagine this this this video is getting

29 000 views an hour so you can only

imagine how much money people are making

the lazy way with products that they

never have to touch they don't don't

have to ship they don't have to do

customer service you can literally be a

one-man one-woman show and make a lot of

money with this and if you really need

help with this you want to know exactly

how make sure you check out the podcast

in the links below as well as check out

this week's free workshop where we are

revealing how people create the script

and how we're also going to give you a

bunch of free resources as well so just

join in in the link below as well check

out this video in this podcast right

here hopefully this also love you guys

see you guys

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