Advertising Exec Dudley Fitzpatrick

When you meet Dudley and chat with him, you certainly get it. He's a traditionalist, like the steps and the beams on the ceiling. He's assured and assertive, like the stately fixtures and the places of work themselves.

Advertising Exec Dudley Fitzpatrick



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In a sense, the entrance to SFGT is a window into the character who leads the company, Dudley Fitzpatrick, CEO. Open the large the front door of the historic city residence on Walnut Street and the first aspect you note is three ancient stone steps. Couldn't they have the funds for new steps?

Then you see the 2nd door. It's all glass and thru it you see the current reception room,

the traditional furniture, the captivating receptionist and the small oriental rug in the core of the stunning wooden floor. "I get it," you assume to yourself.

When you meet Dudley and chat with him, you definitely get it. He's a traditionalist, like the steps and the beams on the ceiling. He's assured and assertive, like the stately fixtures and the workplaces themselves. He's tasteful, like the oriental rug and like the convention room on the fifth floor. You go there for the interview after a outing on the modern-day elevator.

And Dudley's a trip.

This is a man who is aware of the place he is going, who desires to do it the proper way, who has robust emotions about his liked business. Notice that I did not say "his loved marketing business." He has exclusive views about that way of searching at the commercial enterprise of advertising and advertising.

Life and profession are pretty exceptional than he would have expected when he graduated from Miami University in Ohio. He bought a diploma in Mass Communication even although he says he went there particularly "to play hockey." While there, he located that "movies have been greater fun" and determined that he would like to write movies. Off to New York, he "bummed round for over two years" attempting to join in the movie commercial enterprise and eventually had to get a constant job.

He determined to settle for "30 2nd movies" and he landed a job in the innovative branch of one of New York's largest agencies, now recognized as Ammirati Puris Lintas. There, he labored solely on tv and participated in community spots for Heineken, Diet Coke, Lysol and Mennen.

The employer used to be account-service dominated which influenced his company trust that "strategy and innovative are truely the equal thing." That is an thinking which continues to pressure his work and the agency's intentions.

While in New York, he used to be recruited to a Los Angeles agency, Dancer Fitzgerald-Sample. He took the job and grew to become their youngest ever vice president however he admits that he likely took it due to the fact making films nonetheless had some intrigue for him. At D-F, he labored on their efforts to get debts to complement their Toyota business. The organisation landed Pioneer Electronics which grew to become one of his proudest successes. His campaign, "Catch The Spirit of a True Pioneer," led Pioneer to super success.

Dudley created and produced the first music-video business in the enterprise for his client, Pioneer. It used to be a takeoff on West Side Story. Because it mirrored the social realities of that era, it was once chosen to be section of the everlasting series of the Smithsonian's Cultural Mores Section.

Both Dudley and his wife, Tanice, have been raised in New Jersey. 

They stay there now, in Pennington, with their three children: Aubrey, Drew and Tess. The two older youth go to The Lawrenceville School, Dudley's alma mater. The proximity to New Jersey was once one of the motives he spoke back to an chance at Lewis Gilman and Kynett (now Tierney Communications.)

He used to be very impressed by using the fine of LG&K's work. As vice president and team innovative director, he participated in what he calls their "glory years" however used to be one of the victims of one of their many pinnacle administration changes.

He and a proper buddy at LGK, Bob Schell, have been each let go with pretty confined severance. Fortuitously, they had been contacted via Herr's Potato Chips which provided them

the account if they desired to begin an agency. 

That was once in 1992, the establishing of what is now SFGT. Herr's was once with them for 12 productive years. Today, the business enterprise has 30 human beings and serves eight accounts. Interestingly, two of their accounts, Tylenol and Sunoco, are deeply concerned in NASCAR racing.

Dudley feels that their work with NASCAR is one instance of why he prefers no longer to be idea of as a typical advertising and marketing agency. He insists that the companies which remember specially on "advertising" for success are on the incorrect track. His imaginative and prescient calls for an organization which is deeply worried in all factors of a client's advertising communications activities. For SFGT's clients, NACAR is one (important) ingredient in all-inclusive packages for the clients' core purchaser markets, for clients' public members of the family focal point and for clients' worker pride.

When requested about the account he is most proud of, he winces and reminds me that he is proud of each account. Prodded, he volunteers that he is specifically proud of the work SFGT did for the opening of the Constitution Center. His emotions of patriotism appear to be mirrored in the positioning they created for the Center, "The Freedom To Be You. It All Starts With The Constitution."

Oddly, he says that the "dumbest" and the "smartest" matters he ever did in commercial enterprise are in reality the equal thing. "The smartest component I ever did used to be to encompass myself with my two partners: Sarah Lenhard, Managing Director and head of Account Service and Dan Reeves, Managing Director and Executive Creative Director." The dumbest thing? "Not bringing them on board sooner."

  • That helps his conviction that the hardest phase of the advert enterprise is finding, hiring, nurturing 
  • and developing with properly people. He issues about that due to the fact he finds it hard to discover candidates with brilliant talent, treasured ride and a appropriate cultural fit.
  •  He additionally issues about the opportunity that correct purchasers may additionally be dropping self assurance in agencies.
  •  He says, "Agencies have to be emotionally in a position to have whole self assurance in themselves in order to be tightly closed adequate to warrant significant collaboration from consumers and in order to grant ideal service."

Dudley Fitzpatrick is confident. It's apparent. Think about the historical stone steps main into the agency. Sure, they may want to find the money for some thing new however "old" has personality and personality is what he wishes to project. It's obvious when you take the elevator to the spiffy convention room on the fifth floor. That's another, wonderful message to visitors. It's obvious when you hear his straight ahead solutions to direct questions. Yes, Dudley Fitzpatrick is assured about his agency, about his imaginative and prescient of the commercial enterprise he is in and about himself.

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