Advertising Exec Mary Austen

When you spend time with Mary Stengel Austen, you come away with one feeling. "That female is affable." After wondering it over, you would possibly locate different phrases which describe her: smart, realistic, enthusiastic, hard minded...

Advertising Exec Mary Austen



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When you spend time with Mary Stengel Austen, you come away with one feeling. "That girl is affable." After questioning it over, you would possibly locate different phrases which describe her: smart, realistic, enthusiastic, hard minded, determined, articulate, strategic, focused. But you will constantly consist of affable in your reminiscence of her due to the fact it's what she is.

Perhaps she has to be that way due to the fact of the two most tremendous challenges in her life: managing 5 small teenagers and managing one of the greatest advert organizations in this section of the country, Tierney Communications. Affable is good, possibly necessary.

Having grown up in this area,

 she then graduated from Lafayette College and was once directed to a job in income for age copier company. Quickly satisfied that she was once now not made for a direct income role, she observed her way into the former Spiro enterprise and determined the profession that challenged her, enthused her and excited her. Obviously, she loved what she did and, after a few different steps forward, she nevertheless loves what she does as president and CEO of Tierney and its one hundred thirty five employees.

Mary sees extraordinary probability for the advertising and marketing enterprise however she insists that success will come to these who recognize that it is a "time for new reality." That's her way to well known and recognize trade which is taking place quicker and faster. She believes that

agencies ought to adapt extra shortly to market changes, technological know-how adjustments and even to the altering expectations of employees. More than ever before, she hopes that Tierney is grasp and respecting clients' perceptions of their very own desires which regularly exchange with the pace of light.

  • Her issues for the normal fitness of the business enterprise commercial enterprise are in part based totally on the pressures purchasers sense in these altering times. 
  • It's no longer a new thinking that strong relationships with consumers are quintessential for advert agencies.
  •  However, these relationships are tougher and more difficult to advance due to the fact of the pressures of time and the pressures of the backside line. 
  • However, she says the key to a incredible patron relationship is no extraordinary nowadays than it was once ten years ago. 
  • Just consider that "It's now not about you, it is about your client." Good advice.

When pressed, she has some recommendation for clients, too.

 Directed to purchasers in simply a few words, the "wisdom" of Mary Stengel Austen is easy to state. She would ask them to be cautious about articulating the enterprise design and the advertising targets to the agency. She would urge them to have practical expectations about their marketing/advertising efforts. She would hope for an open, truthful working relationship with the organisation and a steady perspective about image, company and sales. She additionally wholly knows that purchasers have their very own pressures and every now and then are pressured to abandon properly idea out plans.

A steady lesson has guided her in her domestic life, in university and in her career. She has discovered the significance of being capable to multi-task. She says that gaining knowledge of to "juggle" has helped her in her profession and in her function as a Mother. According to her, "Kids and customers have helped me to analyze how to prioritize and have compelled me to stay focused." She in addition explains, "Both consumers and youth want to experience as if they are the most essential component in your world." In these two separate situations, they are, so it is working out pretty properly for Mary, for Tierney and for her family.

Predictably, her hopes for her very own profession cowl a huge spectrum of topics. When she thinks about her existence in ten years, she first mentions her household and its importance. Then she talks about persevering with to experience her work, about persevering with to analyze and develop and persevering with to do the matters she does best. She is pretty cozy and enjoys managing correct humans and hopes to proceed that function. She additionally wishes as a good deal strategic involvement as possible, each in her personal operation and in the operations of clients.

She offers an fascinating example. 

When a patron disaster occurs, she hopes to make a contribution to the strategy/solution and to "Slow matters down when others are compelled to pace matters up." She looks calm and, apparently, is satisfied that calm and clever is higher than frenzied and lively barring a suitable plan.

Mary Stengel Austen is even greater than a busy, profitable govt at Tierney and a busy, tremendous household woman. She is additionally a dedicated supporter of the community, serving on many boards along with the Please Touch Museum, Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Maternity Care Coalition, Philadelphia Ad Club, Lafayette College Advisory Council and as Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Economy League.

She lives in Radnor with her husband, Peter, who is an Insurance Broker and her 5 children: Thomas(8), Andrew (7), Christopher (6), John (4) and Sally (2).

Affable? Yes. Successful? Yes. A fine combination!

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