best way to Rank #1 on Google in 5 Minutes

 hi friends today in this video in less than five minutes and using only free tools i will share with you three steps to rank your website on top of google to

best way to Rank #1 on Google in 5 Minutes

get millions of impressions and thousands of clicks and free traffic keep watching okay friends so step number one is to install a chrome

extension it's called the most bar 

extension go here to google and search for mozbar extension and open the first link and in my case you can see it's already installed in your case just click on this button to

install the extension super simple now after you install it go here and make sure the mozbar extension is pinned so you can see it in your browser step number two is to do some keyword research now let's give a practical

example to make things simple and clear let's say i am in the tech field and i am promoting laptops to sell and make

some commission affiliate marketing so 

what you are going to do is to find some keywords to rank on top of google with you know on google just for beginners

let's say i search for this keyword best laptops enter this is called a keyword and those websites here are ranking on top of this keyword so your target is to identify a keyword that people are

searching for then you can put your website on top of google for this keyword and get a lot of impressions and clicks and traffic and then sales so what you will do here or what i will do now is search for keyword ideas so i will say best laptops 2022 for example click on search and you will see now

this awesome tool will give you a lot of keyword ideas with monthly search volume metrics cpc and so on what we care about now is only monthly volume your target what you have to do is to find a keyword with a search volume like 500 600 and more and by the way if you don't know this tool i'm using here eight super

tools free keyword research tool it's totally free go to seo keyword research tool so step number two is to find keyword ideas with search volume 500 and more now to save some time i did the research and i found this keyword best gaming laptop under 1500 if we search for this keyword you see it has 4 000 as monthly search

volume so people are searching for this keyword now i will copy this and go to google and paste and search what will happen now that google will give you the top websites ranking on this keyword and you will see now most added this section here you need to log into your account almost to access this feature so what

you have to do now is to find the gateway website the gateway

 is the website that you can break through and put your website on top of google how search for a website with page authority less than 30 and da less than 30. for example if you go here we have pa 28 which is good but the d a domain authority is 61 it's somehow high but let's go down like this one a very good example pa 24 and da 11 so this website in our case for this keyword is our target gateway website let's open it and this is the target page that we need to break it and rank through it on top of google i hope you got the idea so step number two is to find keywords and find the gateway website with pa nda less than 30 or at least less than the da of

your website and step number three is simply analyzing this web page here and creating a better version now i know someone may tell me you need backlinks you need to build authority without backlinks you can try in short it's not that accurate in my experience in some cases you can rank with almost no backlinks with a new website but anyway let's build backlinks without building

backlinks how simply in this video i showed you step by step how i built more than 190 000 backlinks without link building go and check it and rank on top of google if you have any questions i'll be waiting for you on the forum or in the comments section below see you later

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