best ways to Make 500$ in 30 Days With CPA Marketing

 welcome to the free cpa marketing course today i will share with you the full action plan from day one starting with zero dollars no website no audience reaching day 30 with 200 to 500 revenue let's start i'm really so happy every week i get new emails from people watching my videos sharing their success stories and how they build their online businesses and start making money online

after watching my videos, i hope you'll be the next one to send me your success story after watching this video so let's start before step one we have the preparation step in this step we are going to learn some concepts in just one or two minutes to understand what we are going to do so in case you are a beginner

best ways to Make 500$ in 30 Days With CPA Marketing

 what is cpa or coast per action

marketing it's simply getting paid when someone makes an action this action can be a simple sign up putting an email address or simply downloading an application or maybe clicking on the mouse clicking on an ad or even buying a product so all these are actions you can get paid from with cpa marketing today

we are going to focus on actions without selling which is the best for beginners and you can see the target revenue is 200 to 500 dollars i'm not here to tell you are going to be rich after watching this video no let's be honest if you want to achieve this number in three days you need to work hard like two or

three hours every single day understand everything if you have questions i will help you on the forum in the comments section understand and take action and you can achieve this goal otherwise you can close this video and go somewhere

else so the next question and the concepts can we do this on mobile in short yes you can but of course some tasks will be a little bit harder because the screen is small but if you don't have a choice you can start with

your mobile phone number three is it free to start yes you can start for free as you'll see in this video number four

how it works simply we will pick an

offer we will promote it this offer will be simple as putting an email address or signing up to an application or filling a form we're not going to sell anything and this is what makes it somehow simple as i told you for beginners so these are  concepts that you need to understand before you start cpa marketing let's

start now with step number one which is finding the right offers let's make things simple how to find an offer simply i will share with you some websites that will make things a lot easier for you number one is here you can search for offers you can check network reviews and ratings to get the best legit offers the

next website is here also you can filter by networks by categories by countries whatever you want and find offers and networks and everything in detail number three is each super tools you can find the top affiliate programs and make sure to start with cpl programs which pays per lead like send them blue as an example if you open send in blue

you will see it pays you for signing up new customers like constant contact it will pay you five dollars for each sign up without selling anything if one signs up you will get paid other one is semrush can get paid ten dollars for every lead if someone signs up and enters the credit card you can get ten dollars zero point zero one dollars for email just email and two hundred dollars if they pay for a subscription a great

option other way is to go to google and search for cpl affiliate programs go and do some research and find something in your niche that you can promote what do

you mean by cpl it's cost per lead so when someone signs up you will get paid other way is to go and join cpa networks like max bounty like like admit ad and other networks we have out of networks now for beginners you can start with cpa lead or cpa grip which allows you to get accepted and approved easily in this networks and  start with these networks to get some experience and learn now before we continue i have very important note to tell you when it comes to cpa and affiliate marketing we have a lot especially in cpa a lot of fake offers a

lot of unethical offers promoting maybe things related to pornography maybe related to drugs and sometimes it's just fake offers to collect and steal information from users so be careful please take this as a real advice and for me i avoid any offers on those networks to be on the safe side i use real programs like semrush like constant contact like sending blue or simply i search on google and find a legit program i test it i'll ensure it works nothing harmful to people and then i promote it one thing to take care of

when finding an offer is the cookie duration what is the cookie duration let me show you a real example to understand nif you go to a super tools again you nwill see i have here the cookie it says 60 days three days three days and so on

what this means let's take an example i

will open impact and log into my affiliate dashboard okay so you can see nhere i have some clicks some conversions nif you go here to brands my brands that i am promoting

you'll find here constant contact email lead five dollars let's see semrush here we are it says 0.01 for registration 10 for trial and so on now if we create a link create and we get this link so this is our affiliate link here to promote semrush affiliate program or cpa program when someone clicks on this link he will open it in the browser in the browser if you go here to chrome for example and go to application you will see cookies for each website this cookie will be saved the day the user opens the link and it will be available for like 30 days 60 days and so on so even if he signs up later like after 20 days you will get paid also so also take care of the cookie duration pick a program that has at least 30 days or maybe 60 days cookie duration step number two is to build our money making machines set up our funnel or their pages or the product that you

want to promote how to do this we have mainly five strategies in cpa number one is content lockers if you go back here to cpa lead or cpa grip you'll find here content locker you are a locker what this means simply is you can offer a free download to users and if they want to get the download the free download they will complete an offer and you'l get paid when they complete it it is that simple the next strategy is to build a website around your offer i will show you some examples in a little bit the third method or strategy is building

viral quizzes this is one of the best methods to make people complete a cpa offer like building a personality test and if they want to get the result they must complete an offer also we can build review websites a website reviewing some products and services and then mentioning your affiliate or cpa link or you can simply build direct landing pages around your offer like in these examples promoting a specific product and then promoting these pages as you will see in a little bit in step number three let's see now some examples of websites working with cpa marketing i mean only cpa maybe you can get some ideas you can see here if you click on credit cards it will give you an options for services that manages and these are the credit cards if you click it will give you this table here you click on apply now it will take you to a cpa page or affiliate landing page and so on so this is a website that is

built to promote service and products another one is money supermarket again car insurance loans credit cards you pick any of these services for example it will show you a brand and you need to continue the sign up and then this way you are completing a cpa offer and so on these are examples of websites that they are built to promote cpa other example like in my case like in hdkit if you

open it in my blog i write authors about different things if you go here and search for semrush you will see i have multiple articles and blog posts around semrush

how to get traffic with semrush if you

open this you will find a lot of links to simrach which are cpa or affiliate links and so on you can have a website dedicated for a certain product or promote multiple products with review websites that's enough let's move now to

step number three which is the main step promoting your products to promote cpa products mainly we have three strategies number one is paid ads and mainly native ads please memorize this write it down native ads and mainly mobile push ads we have a lot of native and push ads like out brain like mgid and many others but you can test if you have a budget to promote your products and landing pages the next method especially if you have a website a blog is seo search engine optimization i have a full free course about it in the description below you can check it if you want also we have three methods three methods to get traffic i'll explain a little bit but

before i have an important point for you have to understand two things whe it comes to cpa and affiliate marketing

which is tracking and a b split testing whenever you run a campaign especially in paid ad campaigns or promoting any product use link shorteners and link

trackers to track your work and number two go with a b split testing which means test multiple landing pages now about free methods i have a full free mastery course in description below here on my channel to learn how to get free traffic to any webpage you want and now it's time for the bonus if you want to get my affiliate marketing cheat sheet my programs what i promote and how i do it in detail you can go now and check my

full affiliate marketing course again here on my channel it's totally for free watch it right now if you are serious to take action watch the free courses and

start from today see you later

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