Bringing in Money with Articles: Finding a Writer

After signing up and posting your content needs on Outsource you ll begin receiving competitive quotes from freelance writers who have specifically matched with the skills and experience your project requires.

Their talent pool includes bloggers copywriters SEO experts and content marketers so you can build a diverse team of freelancers to help optimize your publishing efforts.

It takes less than five minutes to post a job listing on Indeed and you ll get exposure to a high 

After your job posting goes live you can affordably sponsor the post which guarantees increased visibility and higher quality candidates.

Ranking as the world s largest freelance marketplace with over 12 million members Upwork 


These tools help connect companies with expert writers that can create the content any business needs to be successful.

We ve put together a list of resources you can use when it s time to hire freelance writers.

Whether you like it or not businesses today need a constant flow of high quality content in the form of blog posts landing pages eBooks and more to attract new customers retain current clients and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The problem is you could easily spend all of your time creating that content yourself or burning through your marketing budget by hiring a full.

house writers and content marketers to produce it on your behalf.

More on that below in the Ask a writer section.

Carol Tice’s membership site reaches more than 1 200 freelance writers and she shares freelance writing opportunities at no cost to the employer.

This website is known amongst bloggers as one of the best places to look for blogging jobs.

It costs 70 to post on the job board.

Gina Horkey’s Virtual Assistant Finder includes freelance writers.

Fill out a brief form explaining what you’re looking for and she’ll distribute it to graduates of her freelance writing success course.


In this post I’ve compiled a collection of places to look for freelance writers so you can create high.

quality content for your blog business or whatever you need.

Offered by a content agency that has access to nearly 2 000 writers in various niches The Writer Finder is a service that matches writers with companies that need them.

’ve used this service to hire a Pinterest VA and was impressed with the applicants.

Founder Jon Morrow told me his team vets each writer before adding them to the directory.

Most writers know other writers and they’re more than willing to tap into their network for anyone who asks especially if it means work for their fellow writers.

If they don’t know anyone who fits what you’re looking for they might even post your job in writing communities or Facebook groups that are only open to writers.

Here are a few ways to connect with writers who might be willing to share their network with you.

Search for writers who specialize in the topic you need covered and reach out to them via direct message in the platform or via their email or website if they list that in their contact information.

Tracking down the right independent essayist to deliver your income creating articles can take a touch of time, nonetheless, in the event that you find one that can without much of a stretch interpretation of one more ordinary client and you two function admirably together, then that one troublesome pursuit will transform into a ton of beneficial articles.

Bringing in Money with Articles: Finding a Writer

  1. At the point when you start your hunt, you might believe should start with a tiny gathering of articles, in the event you happen too connect with an essayist that you are not exactly excited with. 
  2. It is vital to remember that there are a few distinct kinds of composition and every essayist may be exceptionally gifted in one region, yet need another. 
  3. For instance, there is innovative/fiction composing, anecdotal composition, news composing, general educational article composing, basic composition, duplicate composition, sonnet/stanza composing, specialized composition, clinical composition, exposition/report 
  4. composing, and sports composing. Albeit an essayist might be profoundly gifted in one region, many independent journalists spread themselves out into others regions too. 
  5. In this way, it is important that the author you pick can create the sort of satisfied that you want.

To find an independent essayist, 

you can take a gander at different outsourcing sites that will permit you to post the determination of your undertaking and your financial plan.

From that point, essayists will make offers on your task and give you composing tests so you can find out about their ability level. Ensure that you pick an essayist who provides you with an example of the sort of article that you are searching for. For instance, on the off chance that you are searching for a duplicate essayist, don't enlist somebody who just sent you a games composing test. The person in question might be an exceptional games essayist, yet duplicate composing is tied in with selling (an item, administration, or yourself) to your site guests.

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  • All in all, the more you will pay per article, the more offers you will get from quality authors who know how to engage and illuminate your site guests with the goal that they make want more and more. 
  • Scholars realize that you will ultimately make a lot of cash off of each article or content piece. 
  • So in spite of the fact that $30 or something else for a 500 word article might appear to be a ton, when you ponder the help they are giving you and the time and exertion that they put into your piece, then you will understand that it truly isn't much for that one article. 
  • Assuming you pay for quality, you will be astonished at the amount you will ultimately make off of your articles.

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