Earn 2766$ / Month From Google

 hi friends today i will show you how to build a real online business a business you can make like 100 per day without writing any single word almost without blogging without articles without writing i will show you everything from

scratch from building still promoting and making money online and all this in a couple of minutes so stay tuned an let's start so what is the idea it's

Earn 2766$ / Month From Google

really super simple we are going to build a website not a blog we don't have any content we are going to create a website like one hour and we can launch a business with directly i will share with you three types of websites you can start right now

without writing any piece of content let's start and show you these three types where i'll show you how to promote them and grow your business with these websites number one is what we call a database website if you go here to this website here affiliateprogramdb.com it's not mine it's an example a real example of database website it's simply a website that shows affiliate programs so if you go here best affiliate programs of course we have ad they make money with ads you will see they just share

affiliate programs here you can click and join they make money with ads and with affiliate links how to build similar websites of course i don't mean affiliate programs i mean any kind of database website it might be something related to your niche so number one is to develop this yourself but you want something easier you can simply go to codecanyonhere.com to php scripts and

search for database scripts you 

will find a lot of things ready for you you can get by get and host or simply can search for directory this is what i did i searched for directory and i found this one here link directory pro if you

open this you can see i bought the license i have one now if you open it you will see it's a website where you can share links you can organize links and share these links you can use this script to build similar website database website

now right now i bought the script i started a new business with this script and soon i will share with you the full case study what i'm doing the niche everything maybe you can clone my work so don't forget the notifications to get every new update anyway so this is the first method or the first website type which is a directory or a database website you can see on eight super tool here with my website i built this tool top affiliate programs it's a simple tool a table showing affiliate links also i built this find influencer tools

a tool that shows influencers

 you can connect click and connect with them maybe for influencer marketing or something so it's simply a table showing data you can show any type of data in your niche to help people find something and then you can monetize your website with affiliate with ad spaces or whatever now the third method to build such websites like i did here this table is to use wordpress i explained this in detail 

how to build database table and

add data in this video here you can check it watch the full course step by

step if you want so this is the first

type of website database and directory websites type number two the second type of websites is what we call a tool website but combined with scarcity or curiosity marketing what do i mean let's take an example if we go now and open this website what is myipaddress.com you will see a website showing your ip geolocation and so on you can see it's monetized with ads so these people are doing money or making money with ads and if you look at the middle of the screen you will see your private information is exposed hide my ip now this is what we call something that stimulates curiosity so if you click on this button now it will take you this page to hide your ip and you will see now vpns with affiliate links so this is what we call something and marketing stimulating you to click and buy to protect yourself or something and by the way maybe sometimes you received a notification on your phone you're in danger or you have a virus or something those are cpa marketers you can do the same if you want they send these messages and tell you that you may be exposed to viruses or something and you need to install an application it's

a free application you can install but with cpa marketing they make money per install you don't need to buy the application when they install or uninstall the cpa marketer will make a commission this is one of the most popular strategies in push notification cpa marketing so this is a bonus tip also in this video another strategy can test if you want with cpa marketing so this is a second type of website what i did is i tried to clone this strategy so i created this website what's my ip and you can see now in this website you'll see these links here protect your privacy you are exposed if you click it will take you to an affiliate offer i am promoting here a vpn also the affiliate offer you can see nor dpn this is m affiliate link so i'm trying to clone this strategy in my own website a new website i created recently last week and by the way a lot of people ask me almost

every single day i get this question how we can promote tools website websites without content like asap tools and similar websites i'll explain this in a little bit i will show you how to grow such website how i'm getting 1 million visits to my website hp tools without content without blogging without writing articles how to grow a tools website just some patience please so the second type of website is a tool website you can monetize with ads or affiliate marketing or maybe pre-membership whatever you can combine with scarcity marketing or curiosity marketing type number three is what we call an affiliate website what i did also if you go to code canyon let me go ahead with my downloads section i bought a script also like 10 days ago i'm running now a test a new test this is the link i bought this script if you open it you will see it's an affiliate website what do i mean let's open this one let's say this page you can see now this website is just showing offers products these are affiliate products if you click here and then click on buy now it's an affiliate link you will make commission when someone buys through your website so we don't have blog here

we have only affiliate offers also i'm doing this right now

 i bought the website i am building similar website i will share with you all the details soon the full case studies so don't forget the notifications to get my new case

studies and results so these are the three types of websites you can build without blogging and start a business online now the big question is how to promote these websites how to grow these websites how to get traffic to these websites let's solve this problem before i tell you how and solve this problem i have a gift for you go to hcpotools.com then to the more section here and click on web analytics i have this free service for you just sign up i will log in now to my account sign up log in it's totally free nothing to pay and then you can add your website here to track your traffic you can see like your hcp tools today i got like 19 000 page views 4 000 visitors today you can track events behavior acquisitions

geographic everything in real time in a simple clean dashboard it's totally free go and join this service and start

tracking your traffic to see how it's improving add your website today and

apply the strategy i explained in a little bit then see how traffic will grow so you add your website you already know to start promoting and getting traffic the first method is what we call

influencer marketing so one of my tools seo analyzer dot me maybe if you are following you know it it's my tool it's a free tool for seo analysis if you go here to similar web you can see it's getting and growing now we have 246 000 visits the last month this tool simply grew with influencers a lot of people shared this tool on youtube in their channels you can contact youtubers instagram influencers or whatever and tell them to promote your tool in some cases you can collaborate for free in exchange of something or sometimes you

can pay for this promotion it depends on the type of collaboration you want to make with the influencer the second method is simply seo so the first step you're going to do here is to go to google search console and add your website google search console sign up if you don't have an account and then simply add your website here if you go to eight super tools for example you will see this is my result with the last

three months so you can tell google to index your website and start showing it in the search results you can track your

performance how much traffic are getting from google now after you add your website here inside google console or search console you will do some keyword

research i prefer to follow up exactly

what i'm going to tell you right now you can go here to ubersuggest.com for nail pattel and simply sign in create a free account and sign in and then click here on keywords by traffic in the keywords section what you are going to do here is to find two or three competitors that have the same tool as you or similar tools like you for

example my website is age super tools one of my competitors is small seo tools another website with a lot of tools it's a great website by the way so this is my competitor in terms of a tools website providing similar tools so i will copy this url i will paste it here and then click on search now this tool uber suggests will show you what are the best keywords that this website is ranking for with search volume and seo difficulty what you can do here simply is go ahead as your difficulty and set it to easy and then you can find some easy to rank keywords you can develop tools based on this keyword orsimply if you have the tool already you can optimize the page based on this keyword to rank and break the competition to be on the top results on google after you get the keyword to rank for you can go here to phrase that i or one of the best tools to optimize your content i will log into also my account simply here in the documents you can

create a new document then paste the target keyword or the target search query here for example what do we find here rewrite article if i click here

right article what's nice also here you can target by country if you want so here we have the countries also make sure to match them in both tools

create document and now phrase will get you top competitors click on let's go and tell you how to optimize i explained this one of my videos before but i believe the idea is simple it requires some dedication like one two three months to optimize your website based on these keywords to rank and break the competition to get traffic from google click on optimize here and start optimizing based on phrase metrics now how to get your competitors you can use websites like similar web if you go here click on website traffic and simply enter your website let's say my website now age supertools.com

open it go down here and you'll find some competitors you can see you canfind some competitors you can check them analyze their websites and try to hang on google using these tools i shared with you the third method to get traffic to a tools website other than influencer marketing and seo is to explode and tell the world about your tool how we can simply use the traffic explosion method

it's a free you can check it in this video here don't forget if you have any questions are you waiting for you in the comments section below don't forget to smash the like button notifications to get every new update see you later

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