everyone's leaping on the band wagon

A search on Google for pixel websites offers 22,7000 results. The rage started out when a 21 yr historical from England launched an marketing web page the place you paid $1 per pixel of advertising. The man made over a million bucks in a few quick months - however can his success be replicated?

everyone's leaping on the band wagon


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Not a day goes by means of when I do not get an electronic mail or see a website pushing but every other pixel advertising and marketing web site however are these genuinely a accurate advertising and marketing venue or is each person simply leaping on the band wagon awaiting to make a few speedy bucks or even get rich.

A search on Google for pixel websites offers 22,7000 results. 

The rage began when a 21 12 months historical from England launched an advertising and marketing website the place you paid $1 per pixel of marketing and the web page was once divided into 1,000,000 pixels. The marketing bought out and the man made a cool million dollars! And get this the ultimate ultimate one thousand pixels have been offered on ebay for a impressive $38,100!

The authentic website online - The Million Dollar Homepage was once launched on twenty sixth August 2005. The man then emailed all his buddies and informed them to omit on important points of his web page to their buddies and so on...and then he bought his first four hundred pixels for $400. At this stage the website online was once getting round one hundred hits a day so he started out to contact the press. An IT information web page picked it up and ran an article ensuing in 2000 hits an hour, it obtained ranked with the aid of Google and the hits went up to 35,000 a day.

  • And as the ball commenced rolling the traffic to the web site increased, extra pixels had been sold, the man made extra cash and the press pastime increased. 
  • The website used to be getting over 100,000 special site visitors in two days and the UK nationals ran tales on the site.
  •  Then the story located its way into US papers, TV appearances observed and so on....publicity generates publicity. 
  • The web page used to be getting thousands of heaps of special traffic and advertisers have been seeing a excellent click on via price for their adverts.

Further TV interviews and radio interviews followed, 

Reuters ran an article on the site, as did the Wall Street Journal. With the remaining few last pixels auctioned on eBay the man made is million greenbacks on eleventh January 2006 - much less of direction any charges he incurred.

And then of course, the web page used to be hacked and cash demanded (which the FBI are presently investigating) however even this led to extra media interest.

By the give up of October 2005 heaps of reproduction cat web sites had commenced to spring up. Now there are hundreds of them if no longer more. Have you visited any of these - most have no adverts on them, no site visitors and no one in their proper thinking would pick out to promote on them.

So why have hundreds of others thinking they ought to hop on the bandwagon and make a rapid $1,000,000? This man had an exceptional degree of media attention, using hundreds and hundreds of site visitors to the site.

Even the man in the back of the Million Dollar Home Page pixel web site acknowledges that it is no longer a lasting enterprise concept however a novel one off idea. There is no lengthy time period enterprise notion and it will solely work once. How lengthy it will take these leaping on the pixel bandwagon to realize this - who knows!

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