You will shock #5 First 10K Visitors To Your Website

 how you can get your first 10 000 visitors to your website not only once but every month recurring visitors to your website to grow your business and to grow your website traffic and what's nice i will show you this with a practical real example from my website you will see this right now live how i do .this how i get visitors you can copy  my work and you will see

how i grew my website to 1 million visit per month if you are ready let's start welcome again this is hassan from hdkit and today i'm really so excited so happy to share with you this new video i hope what you learned today will make your site boom on the internet and get a lot a lot of visitors so without wasting time let's go to step number one step number one is go to more section here web analytics you will

find this website analytics this is a free service i am offering totally for free you just sign up to track your visitors so today you will see how much you have after you implement what you will learn in this video you can track your growth share this with me in the comments

whatever you want i can help you grow your website so simply sign up it's super simple i will log into my account now when you log in you will see i'm tracking a lot of websites here i will click on new website and let's add a sample website so let's say i'm adding you know i have em bounds if you are following me we start a new online business series to show you how to make two thousand dollars per month and this is the website we are building so if you are using wordpress whatever

website you are using it's super simple

just go here and copy this code this small script here it's like three kilobytes by the way just copy it and paste inside your website code in wordpress you can go here to headers and footers and simply paste the code in the header section like this and say save changes and here we are we

added the website click on save and now you can track your visits maybe you are wondering why to use this service google analytics or any other free service you can use your analytics of course with track but this service somehow simple give you a direct report clean and nice to track your visits i use it to track my traffic you can see a super tools for example you can see for today i got five thousand visits today it's today and twenty two thousand page views let's see last seven days i have around sixty two thousand visitors to my website two hundred sixty thousand page reviews so

add your website so we can track it together and see your growth together

step number two identify your

competitors so here i have my website i will give you a practical example on my website okay so what i did is i identified my competitors how to do this number one is simply go to a website called let's solve the captcha so just enter the website here for 


let's say again age search and if you go down here now you will see a list of competitors where we are this competitors and similar sites so you need to find websites in the same niche as your niche your direct competitors okay so create a list of these competitors in my case 

will say i have this main competitor small seo tools i have also pre-post seo on their website i have multiple competitors so you need to identify them and create a list of these competitors

websites in your niche so we have these

two websites also you can use tools like spyfu you can go here to computer research and search for your competitors you can use ubersuggest and go here to similar websites and track or find similar websites or simply go to

google and write a keyword like in my case i am running a free email checker so if i say here free email

checker for example

you'll find a list of website these are my competitors that are ranking on top of google and getting traffic for free from google from the first page and i'm not here on the first page so what i need to do now the strategy is to break

the competition and go on the top page of google to get traffic so these are my main competitors like email checker this is a website that's ranking on top of this keyword and i can take the traffic in some way so identify your direct competitors using google

every suggest spyfu whatever you want get the list of your competitors step number three is to copy your computer's url website like this one and go to application by neil patel i think you know him if you're on digital marketing field it's an awesome application by the

way go here to keywords and then click on keywords by traffic this tool here

it's an awesome tool by the way just enter the domain name here and click on search and by the way i'm not sponsoring this video or whatever i'm just sharing with you tools i use it help me grow my

website you can see this website is ranking for these keywords you can see position one for the email checker email check those keywords you can go to volume for example and say above hundred thousand you will see we have two keywords here this website is ranking email checker position number one we

have 135 000 per month difficulty is 50

medium you can go here and say 1 or 10 000 to 100 000 and say difficulty 0-35 so we have two keywords that this website is using 27 000 it's awesome difficulty is easy you can get this keyword and use it to rank on top of google and break the competition i think now you are getting the point so use ubersuggest to get these keywords you can also go here to other website in

my case this website in my niche search and what i found two weeks ago look at this you can see here if i say the volume is 10 200 000 difficulty easy we see a lot of keywords this website is ranking for so i can get a lot of ideas maybe steal these ideas and topics and create content or in my case tools around these keywords so what i did if you go to notion to keyword research i found all these keywords and now i'm trying to optimize them like this one tools to paraphrase if you copy this one here and go here to keyword overview and paste you will see search volume is very high difficulty is somehow medium so i can rank on top of this keyword so i'm doing right now is i'm building tools like this one article rewriter it's like a paraphrasing tool and i'm building tools based on this keyword and trying to optimize my pages based on this keyword so the third step is to find these keywords these opportunities that will

help you rank on top of google with low difficulty it's an advanced level of keyword research based on competitors and what keywords are ranking on getting

the best and ranking your website let's

now move on to step number four optimizing the content one of the best tools to use to optimize your content is simply phrase dot io if you can afford it go for it it's really perfect i will log in and by the way in the description we have 60 discount if you want to tes it and use it so again if you can afford it go and test it try it for one month and see if it works with you it worked for me and i'm now optimizing all my keywords with the phrase you can see

here asap tools folder now we have two keywords here free email checker i showed you in a little bit in this folder we have a list of keywords i'm ranking and trying to optimize to rank on google with now if you get a full phrase inside your website it's good to install yoast seo plugin and when you create a post for example in wordpress it will help you optimize it let's click on edit to show you this in practice i showed you i think this in the seo courses anyway yoast seo will help you optimize your blog post if you have a blog you see here click on yoast and we have seo analysis and readability analysis to help you optimize your articles in my case i have a tools website for eight super tools of course for hdk i have a blog this is my blog so i use your yoast plugin and i use phrase and different way if you go here to seo tools i think i mentioned this in one of my videos in

the gsc content analytics open tool you will see it will give you a list of opportunities let's wait a little bit if you go here and filter by opportunity you will see some keyword opportunities to rank four it will show you the ctr impressions position clicks growth and so on i mentioned this before anyway if you can afford the phrase go with phrase

it's really an awesome tool help you grow your website traffic and much more now after you pick the keyword to start optimizing don't forget to track your ranking again it will suggest they have the rank tracking feature you can add your keywords and track your rank on google to see how things is working where is your ranking to optimize more and so on and by the way i have a gift for you in eight super tools soon this year we will have a lot of new free features like keyword tracking computer analysis a lot more tools free tools for you so don't forget notifications to get every new update all these tools will be available for free on eight super tools so stay tuned and follow up really we have something interesting soon this year okay now in step number six it's time to grow from ten thousand visitors after we apply these strategies and methods for a couple of months we need to reach one million visit per month as i do how this can happen simply with the growth hacking strategies i have three growth hacking strategies that you can use to grow your

website you can check them in this video here if you have any questions i'll be waiting for you in the comments section below i hope you got some benefit see you later

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