Free Traffic From Google With AI

 hi friends if you go to my community section here on my channel the last success story i published around 50 minutes ago from recording this video you can see one of my friends you have been watching my videos he landed out seo and now he's making around hundred dollars from one blog if you scroll down

Free Traffic From Google With AI

you'll find a lot of success stories from people worldwide who have success building their online business and if you think about it to build a successful

online business you need traffic without traffic you can't sell anything you can

make money from ad revenue or anything

else so today in this video i'm going to focus on getting free traffic from google with an advanced strategy with the help of ai artificial intelligence so please focus very well i hope this video will help you to get more free

traffic to your website and simply being successful with your online business so let's start so without wasting time if you are following me you know i have multiple websites i have a i have em bands i saw it

lately with you in the online business

series so i have multiple websites and i try a lot of things and today i found something new i believe it will help you a lot it helped me a lot to get a lot of free

traffic from google when we say get traffic from google what do you mean simply if you go to and let's say you searched for this keyword you are trying to find a tool free

instagram hashtag generator2 let's say

you will see that google will give you a list of websites based on your search term so you'll find that it's super tools here in the top results on google so when someone clicks i'm getting free organic traffic from google so your goal is to put your website on top of google for certain search terms and that's what we call seo or search engine optimization technique so what we are going to do today we are going to use some ai tools that will help us put our website on top of google if you go here to google search console you'll see h2 is getting around 1.66 million impressions just from google 266 000 clicks these are visits to my website just from google totally for free so step number one let's say this is our website step number one is to connect your website to google search console so simply go here google search console if you haven't done this yet open this start now log in with your gmail account it's super simple and you'll be in this

dashboard here simply go and click add a property and connect your website your domain or url or if you are using wordpress you can use this sitekit

plugin go here to plugins add a new it will make things a lot easier for you just search for google and install this plugin sidekick by google it will connect your website to google analytics with google console with adsense with google insights everything automated with this simple plugin so step number one is to connect

your website with google search console 

why are doing this simply because you want to track the keywords you want to track our website see how it's working how it's performing on google how much clicks impressions what keywords are ranking you can see here i have a lot of keywords ranking on top of google and you want to analyze our website with this tool don't we are going to use some awesome ai tools to automate all the process step number two is to go to website called phrase dot i o i will log into my account phrase an awesome tool ai tool to help you not only get free traffic from google with its awesome automation tools it's also help you write post articles with the help of ai anyway so go here to seo tools and what you are going to do simply click on this gsc content analytics it's about google

search console analytics open the tool and the second step we're going to do is to connect phrase with our google search console so in my case it's already connected i'll disable the integration for now click on this button integrate and then it will tell you to log in with

google click on your email to connect allow and now phrase will start reading data from google search console analyze it and help you a lot to rank on top of google so

go back to seo tools gst content analytics let's wait a little bit and then we can see you can select your website here the properties if you go back here we see the properties it will appear inside phrase here let's pick one of my websites let's say embounds our new website now you will see for the last 30 days i got 1 000

clicks from google 163 000 impressions a lot of impressions on this new website that we built together and what we're going to focus on now is this awesome

table here if you go here to all queries you will see 

we can filter by these metrics of these filters if you click on opportunity for example this will give you the keywords the topics you are ranking between 10 and 50 and the impressions are growing fast which means it's an opportunity for you to target these keywords to rank on the top 10

results click on this opportunity and you will see now i have a lot of keywords here number of clicks i'm getting number of impressions the ctr which means how many clicks from the impressions click through rate and the

position on google this is very important it will tell you the average position on this keyword so for this keyword i'm ranking around 10.6 on google 10 or 11 and so on you can see like clicks growth so these keywords are opportunities what's nice about phrase what it will help you to do now is simply let's say you pick this keyword here click on plus and now you can create a document using phrase a i you can optimize your current page or you can up to create a new content to rank on top of this keyword so this keyword here if you search on google it will give you results what we are going to do we want our website to appear on the first top results so we can optimize our current url you can see this our current blog post here we can optimize this blog post to rank or write and you want to rank i will now go with optimizing and what's nice you can click here on advanced settings and pick the country you want to rank in with the language so let's click on save and continue and now

click on documents here we will see this is our document if we open it confirm import now phrase will automatically import your blog post into its ai editor so what you are going to do next is press on this awesome button

here let's go now phrase will automatically analyze the first top 20 results on google ranking on this keyword here and then you can optimize your article based on these results

easily with ai with the help of phrase ai engine so you can rank on top of google easily you can do this by the way manually without using phrase it will take you a lot of time you can do it if you want if you can't invest in phrase but with the phrase now you can do this way way more easily and save a lot of time so you can see here we have some

filters like we say long tail which means the long tail keywords that you can optimize your blog with so you can see here email verification tool if you open it you will see that those websites ranking on top of google are using the this keyword so let's do this i will copy this this key with email verification tool and just if i add it here and go back you'll see now email verification tool is now optimized green and now phrase will start showing you this bar here and this says the average

score across competitors so what we are going to do now is to rank through our competitors this is the percentage 35.9 we need to pass this percentage optimize our blog more and more so we can rank and pass the competition or break the competition and rank on top of google with this blog post this is really awesome and what's nice also you can use the ai writer you can see here we have block introductions we have a lot of things to use inside the phrase i can cover now in this video maybe later on we can cover more tools but if you go

down here and you want to add a paragraph for example let's say email validation is or something

click on write

now it will automatically continue the paragraph for you using ai always remember i told you this before when using ai tools to write paragraphs or to write articles use it as an assistant if you go here to age super tools again if you go here to ai i have a free content generator for you if you want to use it this free ai content generator will help you write paragraphs easily and for free let's say what is email validation for example the intelligence level put the output word length and click on generate and now this awesome free tool that i built for you for free will help you generate content based on ai but again use this as an assistant not just copying and pasting copying and pasting this will not help you rank on google so this is a paragraph you can use it in your post and your articles it will help you write

faster and so on going back to phrase here maybe you're wondering how much it costs to join phrase you can start for forty forty dollars per month and what's nice in description below you can use my link to get up to sixty percent discount if you wanna test phrase and my gifts for you today is that i am right now developing and building similar tools for free in the new version of age super

tools this is my new version of h2 coming soon this year and i will try my

best to add these tools from phrase to be available totally for free inside a super tools the new version so don't forget the notifications to get every

new update now the question is is it enough to use only phrase this tool to rank on top of google in short this will help you a lot to rank on google of

course it will help you but it's not enough just using this tool and waiting for traffic you need to optimize your website we have technical seo we have on-page seo we have building backlinks so for that while optimizing using phrase you need a checklist a step-by-step checklist to use on your website to optimize it and this is what i did for you totally for free a free seo checklist for you to get free traffic from google you can find this checklist in this video here if you have any questions i'll be waiting for you in the comments section below i'll be more than happy to help you see you later

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