get approval in Google adsense as fast as possible

 This month I got three websites approved in Google AdSense in less than one week and all these websites are without content.

I don't like even a single word on the website and in the last 2-weeks I shared with you multiple successive stories and my comment section.

get approval in Google adsense as fast as possible

 How do people get approval?

following my tips and reviews in this with you and days on 5 years of experience working with Google AdSense.

I wish you the step-by-step guide on.

how to get approval in Google adsense as fast as possible?

in less than 48hrs and even without content this is the only video you need to get approval in Google adsense let me first show you my Google adsense Accounts we can see there's.

the first one.

I have three domains approved if you go to my gmail account you will see Marsh and I got got approvals from Google adsense you see the email the same week I got three websites approved if you go to my second account you have educate its website approved in Google adsense and some of these websites are without any single piece of content as you will see in this video ok now I will give you the aid steps that you have to follow to get approval website website.

  • I am building the following my online does a serious from scratch I didn't reply so let's apply these steps on this website first so in this case 
  • we have a blog will talk about website without content and stop number one is common pages like the contact us page privacy policy and terms how to do this explain this before but just in case you go to aid 
  • my free website to go to webtools privacy policy and terms and conditions and simply in one click and write a policy and paste inside your website so the privacy policy and terms page and the contact us page.

If you don't know how exactly to fill up an online business serious step number, make sure to add your website to both Google Analytics and Google search console so Google can track your website and index your website. This is very important.

 step number 3.

  1.  make sure to add a menu and categories to organize your website now and this website I still have only three pages but they can example good my main website you will see.
  2. the menu Google lost to see organized websites to make sure at the menu and is your website into subcategories and pages otherwise you will look like and development and that your site looks
  3.  underdevelopment maybe some of you notice before that number for make sure to use a Simple and Clean theme to look professional in both em bounds and my main website educate.

I am using a theme called Neve and the music of free version and this homepage I'm using Niamh Plus elementor free and hear me without elementor but it looks simple and nice and clean that's all just make sure the branding is good website look somehow professional like this one it's Simple and Clean.

step number 5

use a custom domain name if you are on Blogger like this website uses the block it's always better to use a custom domain name like the one we will together on a blog for free this site in quick money*com.

So try your best to get a custom domain name and please don't tell me I don't have 56 dollars to buy a domain name. If you are serious we can go and watch my video about how to earn $2 per day work for one week and buy a dummy.

so step number 5 try to get a custom domain name to make things faster and more professional number 6 in case you have a blood and your publishing articles and posts make sure to publish between 15 to 20 post before you apply to Google adsense to be clear requirement by Google but in my experience I found that if you have 20 articles this will be better as example here's my website in quick-step*com.

will I apply I had around 15 post that I get approval in 24-hours and some of the contacting me and told me I gotta prove it was 9:00 pose with 10 post yes it happens but engine Engineering experience it's better to have 50 to 20 to be on the safe side before I must stop number 7 we have a very important question I always get if we use AI content generator tools to create articles and posts do we get approval is this accepted by Google.

what either as I tested this I prayed a full website and I mix between a United content and give you everything content and I published this website physical vision*com.

You can see it's professional, everything meets the requirements, everything is perfect but till now this website is not getting approval I believe it's from AI content generators so unfortunately then now.

if you just use AI content to publish an experience I didn't work you know what I suppose I create a free AI content generator tool anyone can use it but I said it's here you can see up to 150 words only one of the reasons I said this Clements as25 spanners and scammers the second reason as.

get approval in Google adsense as fast as possible

I want you to use this tool as writing assistant not something just relate and copy and paste so if you're writing an article use this free tool as an assistant for you and helps you continue your sentences write paragraphs helps you writing and not just write the full article due till now and my case study it's not working of course I will keep you updated.

I get approval later on if I change something I will post all this update on my telegram channel and my comments section so don't forget to follow-up and vacations to get every new update move on to 

step number 7 

in my experience better always to weigh between 30 and 45 days before you apply to with accent don't just publishing website and apply for site takes like 1 months 5 days at some more content make sure it's finalize so when Google check your website it will look like a Live website and not something in development so be patient and wait for 30-45 days at least before you apply now we have 

the final step on how to get approval on 

how I got approval to websites without any single piece of content but before this also we have a very important question if we publish plr articles on our website doesn't get approval don't know what is PR stands for private label rights websites where you can buy content or download for free and you can reuse a new website so you are allowed to use it we have no copyright but does this allow you to get a provisional license again to answer this question based on something real I will this website and quick mile*com.

 if you're following you know this together here on our Channel from scratch so this other technical requirements the menu the domain the theme everything is perfect but all the content here is BLR and not a freebie are both being or articles.

I paid $100 to buy this content and posted it on my website unfortunately I got denied from Google adsense again and my experience.

if you use only or content you will get denial, try to use it in combination or to get content ideas or to use it and again another phone but in some cases even.

If you're using only people all day I continent you still get approval. 

This is what comes up number eight, one of the main and the most important factors to get approval tasks Google adsense even if you don't have any single piece of content on your website.

says I can't have these three websites on them the first one fast you can see it's at this website we don't have a Blog or contour articles it's a tools website and it is Google adsense approve that's working the second one is to analyze adopt me I think you know bed and this Google adsense also text

it's also what people can text and by the way if you don't know all these websites are scripts I bought from codecanyon so I bought the scripts and I hosted them and now I'm running these tools and dies and I build three new income streams online with Google adsense and these tools website I don't need to publish an accountant.

I just need to get more traffic and earn more money so this website are Upside I without constant how to get approval in my experience are you notice that if you want to get super fast approval like 24-hours to any website even those websites that is one thing that will do this it is getting 10000 page views per month views and not visitors so simple calculations it's like 333 review per day believe me.

if you work 1 to 2 hours per day maximum you can get way more than this so why are you waiting 245 days before you apply with adsense and this month just work for 1-2 hours a day to get this page of use of course.

 if you are serious in building this online otherwise I don't know it's your problem and to help you can start with this video my top five strategies that help me reach 1 million visits per month I hope you got some benefit later

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