How to create a YouTube Google AdSense account


If you're like me you want to get monetized on youtube you watch a lot of videos trying to educate yourself on just how to do that something I've heard over and over again is that rather than waiting until you are eligible for monetization on youtube you can go ahead and create your youtube google Adsense account in advance of being monetized youtube so I'm going to take you through the process step by step of creating

How to create a YouTube Google AdSense account

your google AdSense account for youtube

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how to create a youtube Adsense account

we'll click on that and the very first link that comes up is this page so we'll click on that set up an Adsense account to get paid on youtube here we are here are steps number one sign into youtube studio so I've created this test account and we're signed into that so we'll go to youtube studio and there we are next step was select

the monetization tab on the left menu and then click start on the sign-up for

Google AdSense card okay so go over here Click the monetization tab but as you can see there is no start button or a google Adsense card there is this page that says grow with youtube and shows all of the different monetization requirements for

youtube which is a thousand subscribers and four thousand public watch hours I've already been verified through my main account that's why it shows the

two-step verification has already been

activated and I have zero community guidelines strike against me if you have not yet gone through this two-step verification process you'll have to Click on that and enter a bunch of identifying information so at this point this is as far as you can get the only option now is to click notify me when I'm eligible so then it's we'll send you an email when you're eligible to apply all you can do is get your account verified to make sure you have no community

guidelines strike active against you and then keep creating content to work yourself up and get your thousand subscribers and your 4 000 public watch hours and after that, they will send you an email when you are eligible to apply for Adsense so we went through the process of trying to create our AdSense account through

the youtube creator studio platform when I was searching on google for this topic.

How to create a YouTube Google AdSense account

how to create a youtube Adsense account

I did notice that a little bit further down the page, there was another option of going directly through the google Adsense page to create an Adsense account so let's try that maybe it's a backdoor and we can still get this done so going back to our google search here

the second option was to just create an Adsense account not necessarily for youtube

how to create your account here we go so we'll click that and it takes us to this google Adsense page so let's try to do this and get started your website is just your youtube page go back to your channel and then just copy the URL and paste it here payment country so choose that terms and conditions and we're going to click here we go maybe this is going to work but no you can't create an AdSense account for youtube here go to youtube studio to.

create an AdSense account which we've

I already tried to do so that's it the only way that you can create a google Adsense account for youtube is to first meet youtube's monetization criteria which are a thousand subscribers and four thousand public watch hours so keep

creating your fun content keep going after it as a labor of love and hope, all of us will very soon meet those criteria and get monetized on youtube

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