How To Get Approved For Google Adsense

 Do you want your website to be approved by 

Google Adsense so you can put ads on your website and start to make money? Well, if that's 

the case, you're at the right elements. My brand  

new website with just one blog post and a few 

pages were accepted within five days of applying  

the principles I will teach you in this tutorial. 

Even if your website has been rejected before,  

it doesn't mean that your website will be rejected 

forever. Google wants to make money. So if they  

How To Get  Approved For Google Adsense

can make money for your website, 

they want to do that. But you need to comply with all the terms. I will show you every step you need to 

take in order to be accepted by Google AdSense, maybe already have taken a few steps. Well, if that's the case, I still suggest you watch all the steps in the video. So you can apply everything if not done yet, in order to be accepted by Google.  

Are you ready? Let's dive right in.

The first 

the term, you need to have content on your website.  

Having a homepage telling the website is under 

construction is a no-go. Or having pages and posts with dummy content or having empty pages, you will probably be rejected. I created one blog post with 2200 words and one page with 1100 words. And all my other pages were filled with content not much just a little bit, but all available content. With 

that amount of content,

 my website got approved by Google AdSense. 

Talking about content, the 

content on your website needs to be unique  created by yourself and definitely not copied from another website, it took me a few hours to create the content I've created for my websites. And if you don't have original content or your website, you probably also do not have a lot of visitors. 

So placing ads on your website will not make you a lot of money. So focus on creating a lot of 

original, high-quality content before you apply  

for Google Adsense accounts. The third thing where you want to get visitors to your website. There are good ways and bad ways. What are good ways to share your website URL on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, or social media, whatever 

the platform you use, you can just share a link.  

Usually sharing your links will get you a lot of 

visitors and they will browse through your website and that is perfectly fine. But you do not do by views. 

Use bots, illegal ways to get fake visitors to your website. Google is not crazy, they will see that and they will reject your website. Just focus on giving valuable content to your 


 I did everything the honest way and I'm making a lot of money with Google AdSense. 

So do not try to give your website a boost.  

Using those weird tricks just focus on creating 

quality content.

Talking about quality content,  

what is good quality content, it is content that 

is unique to the visitor and adds value to them.  

It is better to have a few really big blog posts 

with high-quality content than a website full of  

pages that contain more quality content. I'm not a native English speaker. I'm from the Netherlands I  speak Dutch and I've learned to speak English but it's not perfect. So what do I do when I write a blog?  

posts, I use Grammarly, a great tool that can 

help you it says already a little bit to take a  

look at the grammar and make your blog post look better. Because also in that way, good quality is important for Google ads you don't need to have a lot of errors or typos because Google does not like that. I have a tutorial about Grammarly. So you can also watch the film to learn how to write blog posts. I also have a tutorial on how to write a great blog post a blog post I created 2200  words, I created a thorough about it, and I will show 

them in the description of this tutorial. Also, do  

Do not copy and paste much text on your website.

If you have a certain text about a certain subject, do not copy it and use it on a different blog post and another blog post just to fill your website with good content. Google does not like 

that. But it's okay to link to other blog posts on your website. It's called internal linking. And 

it's good for SEO scores. So do not copy and paste information on your website, or in multiple places. 

And when we talk about content, do not publish  

any adult or violent content on your website do 

not teach people how to create dangerous stuff.  

Because you will get rejected for that way of high-quality content, you need to make sure it is easy to navigate to the content of your website. This is something Google checks when you want your website to be approved by Google AdSense, a few things to keep in mind one, make sure that your navigation bar appears in the same place on all devices. So if it's on the desktop on the top,  

do not make it at the bottom of VRF sight 

when you open it on a smartphone. The second  

thing makes sure that your menu is intuitive like 

the mind. And it's when people go to a certain page, they really go to the place and they do not go to a different website or do to a different page. If you do all that it should be fine. The sixth point is really important for you need to have a privacy policy page on your website that states that you have ads on your website and you'll make money I will show you in this tutorial. I need to do 

that. So those are the six points there are more  

points but I will talk you through them when we 

go through the thorough this is all preparation before you apply for Google Adsense maybe you already have an account maybe you don't have it. I will  show you next how to create an account on Google 

Adsense and then I will show you a few more points you need to comply with in order to be 

accepted a Google Adsense Are you ready?

I am serious. So the first thing we need to do, we need to go to ad and hit enter.  

Now we click on get started, what you need is 

a GMO account. If you don't have that need to  

set it up, it is free. Just as Google AdSense 

is also free. I already have a Gmail account  

that is not connected at all with AdSense. 

So I will start from scratch and I will use my  

website in order to create AdSense accounts. 

I click on 34. 

That's the one I want to use.  

And now I need to fill in my website. 

If you don't ever watch I guess, just select over here.  

If you want to learn how to make the website I've talked about that you can go to YouTube, and search  

for your step on how to make a website 30. And I show 

by step how you can do that. My website is HTTPS 30. A poor person who does come get more out of 

AdSense do we want to get help? No, thank you,  

your payment country territory. I'm from the 

The Netherlands. And I need to read those terms. Reading the Terms and Conditions is really important. Let me 

give you a few highlights. You need to be at least 18. In order to sign up for this. If you're not 

a thing, don't sign up, you need to have a Google account, you can create a free demo account that will do the trick. never violate those terms. If you do that, your account will be shut down and do not get your money. Never ever ever ever click on your own advertisements. Also, never ask other people to click on ads. Never do that.  Don't use this on websites with adult content. Do not use on websites containing copyrighted material. And do not create a second AdSense 

account if you already have one. Do not create a second one. But please read them and we have read 

them in agree. The day you can start using AdSense.  

Wow, that's it. That's it? No, that's not it. Of course, we need to be accepted.  

Now says about payments tell us about you and it is required. So I enter my information over here.  

Thank you say to an individual or a business, the name and address of my business. The name is 30  and Anna media. My name is 

Ferdy Korpershoek. My address  

is this one? Exactly. My primary contact, 

already has it somehow I can change  

it over here if I want to. But I'm 

okay with that. So I click on Submit.  

Awesome. Now I need to link our website with 

Google AdSense. And in order to do that the  

the right way, we need to follow a few steps. The first step is proving to Google that you own the website you submit. Let me show you how it is that awesome. They got my info. See how Luke  on your website is optional. Connecting your site to AdSense is required. So I click on let's go.  Connect your site to AdSense copy 

and paste the HTML code of your site in  

the head. So I go to my website 30 Corp comm to make 

sure I'm logged in. And then I go to the back end  

to plugins add new and we're gonna instal Google 

Site get not only great for Google AdSense,  

but also our Google Analytics and Google 

Search Console. I search for Google sites to get  

I click on instal now then I need to activate 

it. And the great thing is that I can see  

my revenue within my WordPress 

website when I use this tool.  

Okay. I need to start a setup or I go to 

Google sidekick, get a dashboard. And I need to  

sign in with Google. And I need to sign in with 

the same email address as the Gmail account I used  

to use for AdSense, which is this one going 

to verify a few things. I trust Google. Great.  

Now I need to connect to AdSense. As you see 

I already connected Search Console and  

analytics page speed. Now it's time for AdSense. 

So I click on Connect service goes making sure  

things are right over here. And it is again I 

need to log in. I'm okay with all this stuff. If  

you want you can read the privacy policy and the 

terms of service and auto connect with AdSense.  

Looks like you're already using AdSense. Yes, 

cyclists will place an AdSense code on your site to  

protect your site Yes. And then says less I could 

place AdSense code on your site to get your site  

approved. Well, that's what we just did ourselves 

and now the site is doing it for us in order for your  

the site to display as make sure you've completed the 

steps in essence what we've done that Continue.

Grades, it's connected. And we can 

explore this. So let's take a look.  

Google's finding the best places for ads 

on your site. So if I turn this on, look at this,  

there will be an ad between my header and my 

hero. In this store, I do not focus on setting  

up different kinds of ads, I focus on getting 

approved by Google. If you want to see a complete  

SSL, or you can click over here, or you go through 

the description area and search for the link or  

you go to Google a search for AdSense 30. If I go 

to sites over here at the left, I see my website  

further cultural goods calm is a getting ready. If 

I click on it, it says to bear with us, it will take  

a few days, but in some cases up to two weeks, you 

don't need to resubmit it just be patient. Well,  

since we need to be patient about what I can do. I 

have a disclaimer over here Terms of Service and  

Privacy Policy. Okay. But I want to do one more 

thing. I go to the backend to Plugins Add New.  

And I search for GDPR. And then I go to 

Following on from the web feed the FE the filler  

instal now and we're going to use the 

basic version and activate it. Okay,  

then we go to the settings over 

here GDPR cookie consent settings.  

I'll go for CCPA and GDPR does 

for Europe is for California,  

turn it on, enable it during the cookie bar on

update. So now when people go to 

our website for the first time  

they get this area over here, 

I can go through the settings

and accept it. So when Google checks it, we 

are compliant with that because if we go to  

the homepage, it says get price ready, make sure 

you're complying with privacy regulations like  

GDPR and CCPA. before it starts showing me what so 

we want to make sure when they review our website  

that everything is fine. Let's go to ads. And then 

I go to Ferdy Korpershoek, click over here at it.  

And now we can also adjust the GDPR and CCPA 

settings over here. If I go to more features,  

I can turn it on. And it will be turned on only 

for the people that live in areas where you need  

to have that GDPR consent message turned on. 

It will look like this. And then we need to  

have the privacy policy URL. So minus this 

one. If you don't have it, I will show you  

in a minute. Have a great one. And then I could 

wait is for people from California. Turn it on.  

And then over here, it looks a little bit weird, 

do not sell my information. Or it looks it looks  

like we're doing something wrong. Like we're doing 

illegal stuff. And maybe it gives people a feeling  

like hey, can I address this? So I prefer you 

can also hide a message. I prefer to turn it off  

and use the other one but it's up to you what you 

want to do. Let me close this and discard the changes  

what we need to do now is go to Google, sorry, I mean 

really and search for Google Adsense  

privacy, arrivederci policy generator, privacy 

policy for Google SM STURMS feed you need to  

have a privacy policy as a video about it. etc. 

And over here is the privacy policy generator  

so my website I have a website I sites 

HBS. Pretty corporate  

Website His name is How to Make a Website website. 

I personally do not use students 21 Because then  

in a year as well it will look all I am well 

depending on our individual or business.  

My business name is Ferdy and 

maybe the media address of my website  

Netherlands' next step, what kind of personal 

information do we want to use from users?  

Actually, not that much. This next step  

people can send me an email to info 

at Ferdy Korpershoek Not by phone

Yes, I want to go for all of those. I don't 

want to have to crush no one, just normal one.

Email the rest of receive it very smart, because 

then they can send me spam emails or just normal  

emails generated, it's free. Now we can copy 

and paste this over here. So I go to my website,  

I go to the privacy policy, edit the page, 

I only talk about I use affiliate links.  

I have a sorcerer. But I need to do, I need to 

Click on the plus HTML, custom HTML, and base it.

Or over here, I click on the 

three dots. Use a code editor.  

Over here, I base all this stuff, on updates.

View the page. And then there's this 

the information which I could never create

myself. But if you want to take it 

serious, I highly suggest you do  

take a look at finding a lawyer or someone that 

can fix this for you. But this is a good start.  

You don't want to be banned by 

Google because you do not have good  

privacy policy stuff. It's for me, it's I don't 

like this part of the tutorial. But I wanted to  

at least cover how you can generate something. 

So you have something and you do not get banned,  

you don't want to get banned. So we have 

to wait. And I will be back with you when  

it is ready. And I will tell you how long it 

took before my account was approved.  

It is now two days later. And if I go to 

AdSense dot google and I click on Sign In.  

I see I made my first money. That means that over 

here at sites, my website is approved is ready,  

but there is a bot. So to prevent 

a severe impact on revenue, download  

the ads txt file and then upload it to the 

root level domain of each site, in this case  

Ferdy Korpershoek. So for every website you use 

using AdSense, you need to place it as a txt file  

in the root directory. So I go to my 

the root directory of Ferdy  

So over here I am at my root directory of my 

website Ferdy Korpershoek COMM I can download  

the file over here. And there are ghosts and there 

are ghosts. So over here, I click on File Upload.  

Go to my downloads and RS s dot txt. Open it and 

it is successfully uploaded. So over here it is in  

my root directory. So if I would go to Ferdy Corp 

for slash ads dot txt, I can see it over here. So  

we added the ads, and the text what is next, so I click 

on Learn More. This measure action while I want to  

take action. So I click over here. And then I 

need to change my seller information visibility  

from confidential to transparent. And then I 

leave my business domain only your business  

name no HTTPS and Or let's go that's 

The UK. No slash no SPS no www. And that's it,  

it will be saved as medically don't click over 

here because then you know, close your account. So  

Click on home again. So we fix the two things 

they asked me so automatically the chosen file  

is created because they fill in this information. 

And if you take a look over here, at our content  

on our website, we get 68% of the revenue that 

Google gets, which is quite a lot. So when people  

Click on an advertisement on your website, and 

the advertiser pays one euro or $1 you get 68  

cents of that which is quite nice from Google. 

Okay, let's take a look at payment settings.  

Under the same name as I have on my passport, 

I can have my phone number over here  

safe I go to the homepage. Learn more when they 

showed it's nice to fix it. Yeah, this is  

fixed. So it takes a while before they will check 

that and fix it now. It says it may take a few days  

or changes to update. If you're using another 

network. Remember to edit the network.  

So I'm this fine for me. It is ready. I'm 

already making money. And if I go to my  

the website I'm already seeing the ads right now. I 

do not really live Have a place ads like this.  

If I click somewhere, I get an ad. I 

don't like it. It's a little bit spammy.  

But for now, I just want to get 

oh, look at that. Oh, man.  

Yeah, this is not what I prefer to do with 

my website. So I hope my visitors aren't  

too mad about it too angry Bada, I just wanted 

to show you how to get started. Okay, here's  

the moment after a week, it says your payments 

are on hold, because in the verify your address,  

I can take action over here, or over here, I 

can see this area, verify your billing address,  

we milled your pin on October 19, it should take 

between two to four weeks. I verify it over here.  

Then I fill in this pin. So let's say on 

day one, I verified my billing address.  

And then at the eight, eight days later, 

I got my email my mail from Google  

with a code. So I'm here at my google Adsense 

an account that says my famous is on hold,  

because you need to verify your address. 

That's what I did over here. I verified it.

I'm sorry, the 19th of October. And then nine 

days later I received it. So I have over here.  

This is a special tutorial, I also show you how to  

read this part, if I will focus again. Sometimes 

I need to help it a little bit. Oh, not too much.  

I guess the code is still visible as it is. 

Over here you see it, I need to fill it in.  

So um, I click over here, verify my six-digit pin 

807900. Submit. Okay, so I go to the home page.  

I already did this. So sometimes you need to 

wait a few moments. And then the next step  

will be announced if there's another step to 

take. So it took me days it can take longer.  

It can take up to four weeks. If you don't get 

after four weeks, you can apply for it again.  

I want to tell you a story, I have 20 dark 

Blue T search the search these shirts,  

I can't find one. So that's why I wear this. Like 

this video, if you like this, or whatever. But um,  

what I want to do I want to read through up, 

I went through all the steps, I got accepted,  

I did everything I had to do after I got accepted. 

And now look at this. In October 2021, I made  

$30 $31 with Google AdSense. And it's not going to 

my bank accounts yet because it's below 70 euros.  

If I go to payments over here, my payment is 

still on the threshold because I only reached 44%  

of my threshold. So when I reach 

when I make more money this month,  

with a total of 30 plus the other Amount 

total more than 70 euros a month after that,  

I will receive that money in my bank 

account. And that's how it goes. And  

the great thing is if you go to YouTube, 

in search for affiliate marketing 30, enter  

you see this video over here one month 

ago, there I showed you how to create a  

website and affiliate marketing website 

that is called passive income with 30.  

The same principles here accepted that website,  

it's ready. The same principles I teach in this 

tutorial. And when you go to a different page,  

you see this advertisement, people can click 

on it. And when they click on it, I get money,  

How To Get  Approved For Google Adsense

I make money also here so Google decides 

where to place my ads. And then that way  

when people click on it, I make money. And 

then the website was created in September and the end  

of September. So in my first month, I want to be 

completely honest, it's so let's go to reporting.  

When I go to sites, it's not all by 

passive income with 30 the whole 31  

But if I take a look at let me see 

estimated earning from the last 30 days  

then with a passive income of 30, I made 10 euros 

but in the last set last seven days because I'm  

accepted I think two weeks ago last seven days 

five euros so that's $20.20 euros in one month  

for which is for a website that I've created 

a month ago I think a good thing because if I  

create more content now, I will start to make more 

money and when I start to make more money I will  

go to the threshold of 70 euros every month I can 

make start to make money with this website it's  

I think it's it's crazy. So I hope through 

those steps I showed you in this tutorial,  

your website will be approved. And if you 

really don't get approved you can always watch  

this over here search for YouTube 

Search for Google Adsense series.  

And you can watch those videos. I applied 

everything I implemented everything  

in this tutorial. It's not that 

you can be rejected forever.  

Google wants to make money through your website 

so they want you to comply with everything.  

And when you're not complying or not 

accepted, you need to do something else.  

One more thing yesterday I made $4 

$4 times 30 would mean $120 per month  

okay, I'm excited I will create more content 

because that's it's all about creating valuable  

content unique content. And then I hope you'll 

be successful. If you want to you can like this  

video, subscribe for more upcoming tutorials 

and then I wish you the best in your online  

making money Journey well helping other people 

with quality content on your website. Bye bye

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