If You Want make money Forever

 everyone is talking about a.i people are afraid to lose their jobs in the future due to the fact that robots can work instead and better than them elon musk said in an interview with new york times that artificial intelligence may

If You Want make money Forever

overtake human race by 2025 

something really scary but today in this short video i want to share with you three skills you or anyone can learn today in 2022 and ensure at least the next 10 to 20 years you will have a job or at least

you can make money online from home with these

skills keep watching number one is

programming and development and when i say programming i don't mean basic development and coding i mean advanced programming levels why i'm saying this because simply today we have open ai we have codecs you can simply tell this ai model to create an app for you a small piece of code it will generate it in

seconds so today in 2022

 ai is overtaking basic programmers and basic coding skills so you have to go to the next level and learn two main fields in programming number one is the quantum computing which is the future of

computing and number two 

is machine learning and ai and data analysis if you learn these skills or one of them you can ensure that ai will not overtake you in the next couple of years and what's nice you can do this for free you can go now to udacity.com you can go to edx.org you can go to coursera.org and learn technical skills for free and don't forget udemy also you can go here and search for let's say quantum computing and if you want to start totally for

free can simply go here and click on

price section and say free and you will get a lot of free courses to start with all these are free courses so you don't have any excuse you must improve your

skill knowledge is the main key to success 

especially in the upcoming near future and don't forget youtube on youtube we have a lot of youtube channels that teaches programming machine learning ai quantum computing and totally for free in the description below i will share some channels that i believe it will help you and the good news is i started a new youtube channel that teaches technology in a very simple

way ai machine learning programming for beginners 

i will announce this soon so stay tuned and don't forget to turn on notifications to get every new update skill number two online marketing i say online marketing i mean mainly four things number one is copywriting so

 why copywriting or writing in general

because today even though we have like jasper we have a lot of ai content creation tools if you go in deep inside these tools you will notice it's not as powerful as humans we as humans can communicate with other humans in a better

 way especially understand their psychology

 the target audience psychology what we call the persona we can add our own case studies our own experiences and the ai till today can do this also we have storytelling i believe also it's an awesome skill if you can

improve and sell online on number three under online marketing is managing ad campaigns and sales funnels building a successful sales funnel is not an easy task and ai till today can't do this so i believe also learning this skill will help you deliver and sell it as a

service maybe online or maybe have a job in a marketing company or agency and number four under online marketing is what we call user experience or the abbreviation ui ux user experience user interface is to understand and design

the best interface for websites for applications

 that will give the best experience for users skill number three is design and mainly i mean 3d modeling which will help you create designs for the metaverse and the vr and the ar augmented reality and virtual reality and the second skill under design is to learn advanced after effects and creating motion graphic animations 

these skills will have a large audience today and in the future and they have a lot of competition it's not something easy to learn but if you learn it you will have a chance to work again online as a freelancer or in a company don't forget to share this surveys with people you care about help them know about these skills and if you have any thoughts about any of these skills if you have some other ideas please share them in the comments section below to help each other and to give each other ideas to learn about for me every day every single day i dedicate at least one hour to learn something new to watch courses read books test things and to learn new skills and you must do the same to improve your skills and move to the next level see you later

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