Is Your Business Making A Good First Impression?

Don't lose customers! Expand your purchaser base by using the introduction your enterprise website. Instructions element how you can get commenced for underneath $15.

Is Your Business Making A Good First Impression?


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Job interviews, first dates, social settings – no remember the occasion, a first impact can make or wreck a attainable relationship. Have you skilled an awkward second your self when you had been no longer searching or feeling your best? Have you been delivered to any person and thought, “What have been they thinking?”

Does your enterprise have an on line presence? Can clients study about and have interaction with your corporation in cyberspace? If the reply to both of the preceding questions is “NO” – I have to say, “What are you thinking?”

Just yesterday, 

I used to be working with a customer who advocated her cousins’ catering service. My first query was, “What’s their website”, to which she replied, “I don’t know.” A question to a few of the famous search engines printed zilch, nada, nothing – without for different opponents in our neighborhood area. Realistically, if I was once no longer especially loyal to my client, I would extra than possibly check out the organizations that had been proper at hand – proper then, by their websites. As a dedicated commercial enterprise owner, can you manage to pay for to lose manageable clients so unexpectedly, specially when web sites are so effortless and affordable?

A website consists of a area name, i.e. , and a web hosting account. A area title is bought and factors to the internet hosting account – a great deal like your road tackle references your bodily building. Then, net pages consisting of phrases and photographs are developed and posted to the web hosting account. You can create internet pages or work immediately with a format company.

Businesses, each massive and small, 

can create an on-line presence with a internet site for below $15. Better yet, month-to-month upkeep is as little as $4 a month. You can discover less expensive internet site options at  At these prices, there is no excuse. It’s up to you to make the quality first impression.

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