Make money Online Without Skills

 top  ways to make money online,  you can reach at least five hundred to one thousand dollars next month it is not affiliate marketing it is not drop shipping or e-commerce it's not selling courses it's not google

adsense or monetizing with ads

Make money Online Without Skills

it's simply following the five steps i will share with you right now and that's exactly what helped me earn an extra thousand dollars per month step number one is to install a plugin called e-commerce inside word press oh in case you are new here a couple of months ago, i start a new series about building an online business from scratch and i built this website with you but don't worry you can follow up with us a couple of minutes understand the idea and implement it later so step one install e-commerce step number two is to add a product

inside e-commerce

 let's see how simply go to products and add a new product in our case we aren't going to sell any physical products we are going to sell a service so as an example i sell a service to create a video advertisement for people please follow up you understand everything in a little bit then you need to add a description so just write any description here about the service you want to sell then go down here and make sure to check this virtual check box because it's a service we are not selling a product a real product then add the price let's say we want to sell this for 79 dollars and the sale price is 59 let's say and then we

need to add a product image the easiest

way is to go here to and create a product image

 just create here select youtube thumbnail if you want the size fit i think go here to elements search for something related to the service you want to sell let's say video editing like this and add a background whatever

 just create an image and then download and make sure to compress this png file and download it now in my case i created this simple image to save some time here we are it's super simple then let's go back here and select the product image 

upload files select desktop and here and set product image very nice publish 

Iet's open the product page and here we are selling this service on our website now so we started selling service on our website i know that we are saying i don't know

 how to create video ads 

 if it is about making money with no skills i know please some patience step number three is to add a payment method when someone buys the product clicks here on add to cart and they want to buy you need to get paid so you need a payment method if you go back here to e-commerce settings you find the payments section here you can enable 

add payment methods 

what's nice that e-commerce now has their own payment gateway you can sign up to accept credit cards 

 so on but anyway in case in your country it is not allowed you can use stripe you can use paypal but in case all these methods aren't allowed in your country don't worry you can go here to this link in the extension stores for e-commerce you find 79 extensions for payments as an example let's say you are in india you can find i think yes razer pay i think works perfectly in india so please don't give an excuse simply go here 

find the perfect payment solution that works with you in your country and add it to commerce to accept payments we have a lot pick and start step number four okay what now we have a shop on our website 

we are selling this service but we don't know how to do this service how we are going to sell it for whom we are going to sell it simply we are talking about drop servicing what is drop servicing it's simply reselling a service you sell something and a freelancer  do the job so now in step number four you are going to find someone that do this for you so you have two options you can go to websites like 

people per hour or any freelancing website and find someone professional who can do these of course you are not obliged to use ad it's just an example we have hundreds of servers that you can offer and you don't need to do anything by yourself you just need to hire someone when you get a client and you will see

how to get a client in a little bit 

so you build the shop you hire someone to do the service and you make money a portion of the revenue it is that simple the second option is to find maybe a friend of yours like in my case of my friends in the team do all the services on each decade and we split the revenue 50 50. in my case i'm responsible for the promotion and he's responsible for doing

 the services let me show you this in my back end if we go to analytics overview you can see till today this month we made 725 dollars last month we made around 948 dollars so you can see it's an extra thousand dollars per month drop servicing in my case i split this revenue with my friend

and this exactly dropped servicing i believe if you understood these couple of minutes i explained right now you saved a lot of time and money maybe buying a full eight hours course on drop servicing this is more than enough yes we still have thing which is promotion 

how to get clients

 to buy this service from our website but before i tell you how please if you feel you got some benefit you learned something in this video don't forget to smash the like button step number five how to get our first client to buy this service and i think this is the most n important step here everything before was technical it's somehow easy now we need to promote and get our first clients how we have two methods the free traffic method and

the paid google ads method the free

method maybe requires some more time a couple of months maybe sometimes a couple of weeks and the paid method with google ads may work in less than week you can start getting your first client so it's up to you free traffic you can go here to my mastery course

totally free paid ads you can go here and watch my  ads free course everything is free pick and start if you have any questions i'll be waiting for you on the forum see you later

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