#one way to make money online fast

 hi friends if you go now to my community section here on my channel you'll find a lot of success stories from people all over the world who start working online

after watching my videos i hope you'll be the next one to send me your success story to share it worldwide on my channel with more than 700 000 followers today we have something really special something maybe new and i started

#one way to make money online fast

working with this strategy like four or five days ago only and what's nice about this strategy that we can start totally for free i will apply everything using three tools only so you can start with zero dollars no investment it's great for students or anyone in any country that wanna start working online without a budget and what's special about this strategy that you can see your first income online in 24 hours if you follow exactly what i will explain in the next couple of minutes so let's start with step number one open your browser and go to product hunt dot com then and you tab and go to facebook.com ads slash library then app sumo.com and exploding topics

open these four websites what we are going to do now is to filter out some products i will share with you how to do this now practically and how i did it five days ago so what is product hunt it's simply a website where you can find a lot of products thousands of products

we can go into products topics and filter by topic let's say marketing and you'll find a lot of sas services applications products whatever all this are services that you can filter out and pick from i will tell you now what we

are going to do with this product just some patients the second website is the facebook ad library here you can see what ads are running on facebook for example let's go here to add category all ads and search for marketing open and you will see here ads running on facebook started running june

1 june 2 like one day ago and so on you

can find the ad with the link what those people are promoting and so on so also you can find some products and services people are promoting the third website is app sumo.com this is one of the best websites that you can use to find new services that have just started right now in this month or a couple of days ago and so on so let's say this service here ask jarvis let's open this website and you can see it's a service and it costs like three dollars per month or 15 dollars per month and so on so also we can use appsumo to filter out products and services the last website is exploding topics this website is really awesome but the problem the free version doesn't give you a lot of information now in my case i have a pro version i will sign in just to show you this

awesome application what's nice about exploding topics that you can let's say select a category like marketing and you can track some topics but what we want is to go into database section and then we'll select let's say one month ago categories and education let's say and the status is explode and you can see now this application will show you

keywords services and topics that are exploding right now let's pick another category and the crypto niche let's say here exploding okay so the last six months in the education section i filtered out exploding topics so you can see as an example this service here is called scriber as we'll show you the chart how it's growing the searches per month the keywords if you open and go to this service you will find it's something great education plagiarism checking and so on so also this service is a great to find opportunities and topics that will explode soon so you can put your hand on to use in the near future so you'll be the first one to talk about these services to create content about or to promote or whatever anyway i will sign out now i will use the free version only so again if you are a free user you will get these filters say six months for example select categories and you start seeing some information some services some topics also you can find something interesting here so these are the four websites that you are going to use to filter out and find some products after

you create a list of products step number two is to filter out this list again and to pick 

only one or two products based on the following conditions that i will mention right now so go again to your browser and open eightsupertools.com the free seo and digital marketing platform go into seo keyword research tool and also open microsoft ads and create an account i don't want to waste no time creating a microsoft outlook

account it's totally free just sign up and log into microsoft advertising and go to tools and then keyword planner

then go to get performance and cost estimates what you are going to do let's say let's say we pick a product here called ask jarvis you copy it here and go to the keyword tool and you write it and you add space review and then you

search for this product you will repeat this on the free keyword tool and on microsoft ads you can paste all the keywords here let's see another product is this one cell done you paste here with the word review and you get estimates add all the products 50 products 60 products whatever products you got add them here and click on get estimates in the free keyword tool you

can also do this with the bulk keyword tool you can just right here review add all the keywords and get data why i'm using both hooper tools and microsoft advertising keyword planner because the free keyword tool on http tools will get google metrics while here you will get microsoft bing search engine metric so we'll get both metrics for our keywords why you will see now why so maybe till now you didn't get the idea okay what you are going to do with these programs with these services with these keywords with these metrics please explain the idea the idea is simple here we are trying to find a product and if you can find something new it will be better

this product will have an affiliate program an affiliate program means that you can promote the product and you'll make a commission on every sale or every sign up or whatever depending on the program so in my case after i did out of research five days ago exactly i found a product and i sent the company an email i told them how interested in promoting your program and they believe it's a great product how can i join and three days ago they replied hello hassan thank

you for interest tell us about yourself whatever i told them and i was approved in the affiliate program of course some

programs or maybe a lot of programs doesn't require approval in my case this application this program needs that it's okay so in my case when i searched for this program on the keyword tool you see i got these results 0.9 for cpc which is

somehow very low the monthly search volume 1.5 not bad so i knew it's the perfect fit for me low cpc and good search volume so you have to do this filter out products from these four websites then find the product with the word review beside it with low cpc and good search volume and join the affiliate program okay these are the first two steps so we filtered out some affiliate programs with low cpc and good

search volume i hope you are getting the idea please don't forget if you have any questions i will be with you on the forum in the comment section just ask anything you want and we can help each other so step number three now is to create this review how to create this as i mentioned we're going to use only three tools so we can go here to system dot i o i mentioned this before maybe two three months ago you can start here totally for free if you go to pricing

section you will see zero dollars per month you can create one blog totally for free so i will log in now to my account just to show you

how to do this you go into the blog section and simply create a blog you can select a template whatever you want let's preview this one if it's nice open this post and you can see this is a post it look great i will select this one select template name anything now test test and create now we have a free blog that we can use to create the review on if you open it now you will see here we have a blog a free blog with this website and you can edit here blog settings or click on the blog here and you can start adding create a blog post it's super simple title description add an image categories everything you can

create the post we are going to create a review let me show you an example this is an example from my blog each educate it's not a product i'm promoting it's just an example it's in video review here i'm reviewing a product which is called nvidia and you can see all these green links it's all affiliate links so you are going to create a review blog post totally for free on your blog if you have a website it will be great

wordpress blogger google sites anything you can create this review also you can

create a youtube video if you want

whatever kind of review you want you can create it's up to you but the easiest is to create a blog post and if you want to write this fast using ai and for free you can go here also to age super tools ai content generator it's a free ai content generator powered by ai we can start writing a topic and let's say what is semrush let's say like this this is the product i will add 150 words generate so this is the first paragraph if you want a new review and awesome you can see we have a paragraph also you can go to a i outline generator and let's say the product is again semrush so semrush review generate and now this free tool will give you the outline so all these tools are free what is semrush whatever you have these topics you can write these in the content generator or simply if you have some budget you want to use you can go to jasper you can also

start for free and use this awesome application to create and craft ful lblog posts about a certain product so


step number three is to create a review around this product now we are ready to step number four which is the most important step but before that maybe you are wondering why i hided the product i am promoting simply because if i now show the product the first thing will happen is thousands of people watching this video will promote the same product so everyone will fail the second thing is i'm running a case study right now with this product and i want to be successful with it promoting it then i will share with you the product later on but now let me continue make my first commission and share the results with you then i can reveal this product for everyone here i will do this i will post the results in the community section soon here on my channel when i finish this case study so step number four is about promoting the post so let's say this is the post we have this link we

want to get traffic to this link as you mentioned this video is all about free methods and free tools but i want to mention some paid methods i believe some of you have a budget and maybe they want to invest like twenty dollars three dollars and paid ads to test and learn

how things work so if you remember when

we go here to the keyword research tool and we search for the product we got 0.19 cpc why i told you it's low cpc simply because if you want to run a google ads campaign or microsoft ads campaign you

will pay only 0.19 in my case per click which is somehow good for a ppc campaign or pay-per-click campaign so you can advertise with microsoft ads or simply with google ads so this is my google ads account you can create one also and also what's nice about google ads and microsoft ads if you are signing up for

the first time you can get hundred dollars or 200 or 300 dollars credit so you can test also a paid campaign for free i will share with you in description below a link where you can

find some coupons also you can advertise with native ads now in my case i mainly use out of brain and mgid maybe like one year ago i showed you a real case study how i promoted affiliate with mgid and how i promoted with how to brain native advertising also soon i'm preparing a full case study about promoting affiliate with native ads so stay tuned until notifications so these are the common paid ads method to promote this

review this product review to get some clicks and to get some commissions now if you want to continue with the free methods also you can do this of course it will take some more time but you can do this for free and test this totally for free how simply by watching my free traffic mastery course go watch it learn

all my tactics how i get free traffic to my websites get free traffic to your product review and make some commissions if you let something new today don't forget to smash the like button i'll be waiting for your questions in the comments section below see you later

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