SanDisk Ad Blitz

Commentary on SanDisk's anti-iPod ads


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SanDisk Ad Blitz

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SANDISK, maker of the world's 2nd best-selling mp3 participant (behind Apple's iPod) has commenced a new anti-iPod advertising and marketing campaign. You can study about it in element here:

Here's the hoopla in a nutshell. 

SanDisk is stated to be porting Rockbox, an open-source OS for digital song gamers (which helps many distinctive mp3 devices), onto its famous e200 mp3 player. To convey the be counted to public consciousness, SanDisk has started out releasing the before-mentioned anti-iPod advertisements in an try to blatantly assault its arch-nemesis, Apple.

The advertisements depict graffiti-like illlustrations made to resemble posters for an underground innovative movement. One suggests a monkey carrying the iPod earbuds with the line "Are you an iChimp?", and some other is of a man strung up in white iPod cables like a marionette, with the text: "Have you emerge as an iPuppet?"

  • Okay, okay. Mp3 opposition is fierce- I get it. SanDisk desires to play rough- fantastic through me. 
  • As a long way as I'm concerned, open supply is top stuff, and there is no doubt in my idea that SanDisk 
  • makes a accurate product. Competition is excellent for capitalism and the consumer.
  •  I'm now not right here to tout the technical prowess of one geek system over another.

What I will remark on, however, is the nature of the advertisements themselves. I took one seem at these matters and I'll inform you proper now that I'm no longer going to change from iPod to e200. You be aware of why? Because as an iPod user, I sense like I'm being insulted. Hey, I'm no longer a intricate man so I may not go into the complete nitty-gritty of "Apple makes you do this-and-that blah blah blah and it solely works with iTunes blah blah blah."

I plug the iPod into my laptop and the rattling element works. That's why I use it.

In my opinion, SanDisk's entire "revolutionary" advert approach, on the other hand provocative, is finally misguided. For one thing, SanDisk might not win me over by way of insulting me and evaluating me to a monkey, puppet, sheep, or any different type of farm animal. Secondly, SanDisk's commercials additionally evoke a political edge, which makes no sense. For higher or for worse, human beings purchase iPods due to the fact they WANT TO, now not due to the fact they're pressured to. Furthermore, Apple permits its merchandise to stand on their personal advantage and they in no way insult human beings for no longer the usage of them. Although Apple has poked exciting at PCs in their personal net and TV campaigns, it is a some distance cry from SanDisk's "Are you an iPuppet?" approach.

Perhaps I'm an iPod consumer who's taking this complete aspect a little too personally. But if the e200 and Rockbox are so great, which I'm certain they are, perhaps SanDisk ought to simply inform us why and let the human beings decide.

For all of SanDisk's anti-iPod effort, Apple should effortlessly hearth returned and say SanDisk is nevertheless #2, and 2nd location is the first loser. Even if it is true, it would be insulting, right?

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