You will be shocked by the amount of money you earn

 today you and i are going to learn how

to make more money i'm going to cover a

lot of different topics so whether

you're 10 years old or 99 years old or

anything in between this will work

except for anything after that because

one of the prerequisites is you actually

have to be alive so regardless at what

stage you are in your life or your

career whether you're young and hopeful

ready to conquer this world or you're in

your 30s bitter and miserable because

you didn't amount to anything like me

this will work after watching this video

you will be able to make more money

there's hope for us yet and this is my

favorite way to make some extra money


You will be shocked by the amount of money you earn

Who wants to make more money 

so basically everybody

but i'm not going to teach you how to do

amazon fba or youtube affiliate links or

anything crazy i'm not going to show off

my lamborghinis and mansions which i

don't have this is just a free video

meant to be a beginner guide on how to

make smart money decisions that will

affect you for the rest of your life

regardless at what age and stage you are

in life so having said that let's dive

in now this applies to really any age

but this is especially true between ages

10 to 17. took me a while to understand

but when it comes to making money the

luckiest people in this world besides

the people that are actually born into

money are those that find a passion

really early on in life because most

people will spend anywhere between a

third to a half of their entire lifetime

trying to look for something that gives

them meaning and statistically speaking

if you're watching this video that's

probably you you are now probably trying

to find your special unicorn that's

going to give you joy and fulfillment

now i was one of the lucky few people

who had a really young age at 12 years
old i knew 

that i loved card tricks i

loved magic i loved cinema i loved

making movies i loved storytelling

personal finance money all of those

things i absolutely loved and i stuck

with them and all this means is that i

had a 10 year start on most people

trying to get good at something i don't

think i'm good at anything just yet i'm

just saying that i had 10 years worth of

trying to get good at something while

most of my friends were off partying

having fun dating i decided to throw it

all away

for money no i'm kidding all of this is

of course in moderation but at this

point in your life you should be chasing

that thing finding out what that thing

that you love really is and you can do

that by exposing yourself to a lot of

different people cultures places jobs

just so you understand what is out there

in this world and it's at this point 

in your life if you can realize this one

simple truth that i'm about to tell you

then you will be rich far quicker than

anyone else in the world and i know it

sounds like i'm about to sell you

something but i promise i'm not and the

truth is

life is not about finding something you

love doing for the rest of your life and

making tons of money with it like we're

told i'm sure you've heard the quote do

something you love and you'll never feel

like you're working a day in your life

in fact i've even said that quote in

some of my videos and while i do believe

that that's the truth i don't think that

it applies to everybody all the time let

me explain if you're not one of the few

lucky people who has found what they

love early in life then stop trying to

find a job that you see yourself loving

so much because realize what you love

will change throughout your life and if

you make the thing you love your job

then it won't be something you love
anymore it'll just become a job like

anything else that's what happened with

me magic cardistry it became my job and

i stopped loving it so instead think of

finding a job that's going to pay you

the most amount of money that you can

get to the quickest that you see

yourself hating the least if i knew that

earlier if i only came to that

realization sooner my net worth would

literally be triple what it is right now

i would have gone to college i would

have gotten that lucrative college

degree in either the finance business or

tech space maybe gone to nursing school

and i would have done all of that

completely for free using the montgomery

gi bill and if you don't know what that


it's amazin glet me tell you all about it

 if you're between the ages of 17 to 35 you can do this depending on how long you enlist for and the job that you choose the

military will cover up to 50 000

50 billions to pay for your college

education and all you have to do is pay

100 per month your first year of service

that's it and the military doesn't just

pay for college either they'll pay for

on-the-job training and they'll even pay

for certifications and the best part is

that you don't even have to go to the

military full-time you can go part-time

because it's eligible for weekend

warriors which are people in the

reserves and the national guard which

are people people like to call weekend

warriors because they're in the military

part-time in fact i know somebody who

goes to work full-time and they're also

a weekend warrior and they get all the

benefits it's amazing i'm actually

trying to get my girlfriend corey to

seriously consider doing this and she is

considering doing it i don't know if she

actually will i do it myself but

ladies first and i'm not about to put

myself in danger no i'm kidding it is

not dangerous if you do this right and i

realized this all sounded like some

government sponsored message i promise

i'm not affiliated or paid by the us
government i'm not a government spy for
the usa

but if you're watching this video you're

probably going to ignore all of that

advice but then 15 years from now you're

going to look back and think to yourself

i should have done that

but seriously please consider doing this

because it is literally free money and

phase two the next phase of your life

you'll find yourself between the ages of

18 to 24 these are your college years

and when you turn 18 before getting

yourself a roth ira i want you to do

this realize that all the ideas that you

had will crumble before your very eyes

the friends that you thought you'd hold

forever will disappear and move on with

their lives the hopes and the dreams

that you had will be sold to the lowest

bidder for financial security and the

world that you sought to change and

conquer will humble all the ideas you

thought were original this is all before

getting your author

oh what was that i don't even know where that came from

oh my god yeah this is all before

getting your roth ira i think i'm slowly

becoming the joker smash the like button

for the true true in all seriousness set

yourself up to become a millionaire by

creating either a roth ira or a

traditional ira both of which i've

discussed on my channel they're very

similar but i did a tutorial on how you

can do this with the m1 finance app you

can literally do all of it on your phone

in 10 minutes trust me worth it

the second thing you need to do is to

avoid debt at all costs do not leave

your home state to go somewhere else to

get the same job you can get in your

original state i've had so many of my

friends leave our home state of nevada

go to arizona to come back with 50 000

of student loans

  • just so they can become a teacher now i realize you want to take a break from your parents you want to be independent but trust me when i say this is precisely the wrong thing to do at this point in time you may not realize
  • just how important your parents are to helping you you may also not realize
  • just how much money fifty thousand dollars is when you're watching youtube and you're seeing 19 and 20 year olds making six figures five figures a month
  • just how much is 50k really it's a lot you're gonna be paying off that 50 000 for decades on end so if you do go into debt please make sure that it's worth your time and better yet just don't get into debt get all the scholarship money

live with your parents thank them for it
go to community college get your free

classes and all the prerequisites out of

the way and you'll save so much money

it's not even funny i did all that

and then i dropped out couldn't keep my

college grades up lost my scholarship my

parents were really upset with me and

that was niched gutia

nine while you're going to college

you're gonna change your mind 15 000

times like i did i went from police

officer to firefighter to pararescuemen

into professional cuddler to i have no

idea what i want to do for the rest of

my life so consider getting a job that

has no ceiling that means a job that is

based more on your results rather than

the amount of time and physical hours

that you have to put into it for example

if you worked for google making a fat

salary of 200 000 a year which very few

of us will ever get to unless we're

exceptionally talented and even then

that 200 000 salary will be capped at

pretty much that because there's only so

many hours in the day that you can work

that job versus something like building
a business a real estate agent or even

being on youtube where there is no

income limit and our work is not

directly tied to the amount of hours

that we put in once the work is done

it's done and you can collect that

passive income for many years the

downside though is that even though it

works it will cost your sanity because

it can take years before you start to

make any money at all but once you do it

takes off and it's all youtube money

after that but if you will go to college

and get that degree make it valuable

make it computer science business

administration engineering or anything

in the medical field thank me later and

phase three is between ages 25 to 30

years old and this is when you'll be

finding your first career job so start

strong and i hope it's nothing less than

between 40 to 50 000 per year this is

the perfect time to be negotiating with

the person hiring you and you need to

absolutely do that because if you start

too low it's going to take you several

years just to catch up to someone who

spent the extra hour just to ask for

more money and that's exactly what

happened to me

it's so awkward to negotiate and i just
don't like it so i started that career

off with 12 dollars per hour editing

videos for people and it took me between

two to three years just to get up to

twenty dollars per hour but then they

hired somebody on the spot and they

started them off with twenty dollars per

hour and they didn't have to work the

extra two to three years like i did and

all i had to do was hey i want to start

at 12 per hour

no i heard the starting position for

what i do is around 20 to 25 dollars per

hour is that within your budget yeah we

can work with that there i just saved

you a bunch of money on your car

insurance by not switching to geico but

i didn't do any of this because i didn't

have this video and because i'm dumb

and phase 4 is between ages 31 to 54.

these are your prime peak earnings years

and this is the most important phase

mostly because there are no more phases

left and it becomes the most important

one by default but also because it's the

phase where we make up for lost ground

for all the poor decisions that we've

made throughout our life and we can do

this one of two ways either use one

method or combine both of these methods

for more effect and the first method is

negotiations and like i've said before

sometimes all it takes is for you to

just ask and other times you'll have to

prove it show some worth show some data

and show how much money you've made theb company sometimes you have to put some work into it but other times people

think if the company has budget and room

to wiggle and negotiate with me that

means their goal is to pay me less money

and that is not a company that i want to

work for and i can see some logic in

that which is why my favorite way of

making more money and increasing my

salary is method number two and method

number two

job hopping it's when you start hopping

on the job and then your employer starts

to think you're crazy so they're forced

to fire you and then you start to

collect unemployment paychecks do this

five more times passive income profit

i'm just kidding that's not at all what
job hopping means that'd be hilarious

though job hopping is the idea that you

should not stay at any single position

or company longer than three to five

years this is especially true if you're

starting a new job you want to be

thinking of ways to progress and move

forward by shifting around now there are

rules and ways to do this tactfully you

don't just quit your job and then find

the next one that will have you you have

to be careful about how you do this

otherwise your resume is just going to

look like a sketchy girlfriend or

sketchy boyfriend who doesn't know what

he or she wants and is afraid of

commitment in other words not at all

me so look at your current situation are

you moving around if you are that's a

good sign because then you are far more

valuable to your employer because then

you have more experience dealing with

different aspects of the company and you

get to make different strategic

partnerships with different departments
of the company and the people at the top

the chief executive positions the cios

the ctos the cfos the ufos the people

with the biggest salaries are not always

the smartest or the most talented people

in the company by far if anything

they're the people that can do the most

amount of jobs and they're able to

provide solutions to many problems

because of their vast experience and

network within the company they're

basically really really good babysitters

because they can solve almost any

problem so strive to get that experience

under your belt just like that i don't

know what that expression means i

suppose if one could keep experience

anywhere under my belt would be my first

choice and if you're not moving around

in the company then you need to be

moving around in the industry that means

if you're in human resources you need to

seek out other companies that need hr

and doing this can almost always

guarantee a frequent little raise

between five to twenty percent every

time you get a new position because you

can negotiate a slightly higher position

from the previous one before and this is

because companies love to hire their

competition so if you can formulate your

resume in a way that highlights the

value that you provide because you built

their competition and you can give them

insight into that you can often

negotiate these little tiny pay raises

that go such a long way this is not

guaranteed but oftentimes your

competition will value your work more

than your own home company i know it's


it's awkward it's uncomfortable to

negotiate but if you can spend those

extra few hours face to face negotiating

you can retire 10 to 20 years earlier

rather than feeling comfortable and not

retiring 10 to 20 years earlier and if

you make your money decisions based on

everything i've provided you can retire

as early as in your early 30s or even

mid-20s and that's not an exaggeration

because there's a group of people called

the fire community financial

independence retire early which is a

group of really young people who retire

early by making that money saving it

living below their means and investing

it into something like real estate or

like what i'm doing with dividend blue

chip stocks that pay me money passively

just to exist and pay my bills and it's
an incredible feeling and you can start

investing as well by downloading the

robinhood app claiming your free stock

downloading the weibull app funding your

account 100

grabbing two free stocks one of which

can be valued up to fourteen hundred

dollars follow me on instagram enjoy

your week love you all lovely people i

will see you all back here very soon

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