8 Ways Online Businesses Can Make You Rich

 if you want to work from home build a successful online business make couple of thousand of dollars every month watch this video in this video. I want to explain how to build your own successful SAAS online business and I will go step by step explaining everything stay tuned and follow up with me before we start please don't forget subscribe to my channel now turn on the notifications to get every new update almost every day so, what I will cover in this video firstly we

will see what is a SAAS service and how to build a business from it then 

I will show you how to get a SAAS service you will never need to develop one or hire someone you can get one for almost $40 or $50 build an online business for $50 yes then. I will show you some of my own services and my earnings to motivate you then I will go and talk about hosting the service and some tips for marketing and getting your first customers and all this. will be compressed in 10 minutes so don't miss any second this may change your life may change the way you think 

let's start together what is a SAAS service or what's called software as a service

simply it's a software it's an online software an online service which you pay for to use so, if you go now to MailChimp it's a SAAS service it's an email marketing service. if you go into SEMRUSH as an example it's a SAAS service offers you SEO tools ahrefs the same thing. if you go to videoblocks offers you some video audio services also you pay for to get this service so anything you pay for and you get an online service it's a SAAS service it's a software-as-a-service so simple I think now you

will be the owner of the software you will have your own company and people will subscribe to your service and pay you monthly recurring payments so, if you have like 100 customers using the service and your service cost around $10 per month as an example you'd get $1,000 monthly while you're sitting and looking at your earnings at home so simple so, sweet let's now see how

 we can get a SAAS a service or a SAAS software you heard me saying a software

 so I need to develop one I need to learn programming. I need to hire a company I need to hire a programmer and so on no you can simply buy a SAAS software from a website called codecanyon and this is what I did for two of my services and it's working great what is codecanyon, let's see just go to codecanyon.net and here you can buy any software for like 30 bucks $40 $50 and so on let's go to PHP scripts as an example here and simply search for SAAS and here you'll find a lot of systems that are ready to use you can buy like this one $30 this one is $80 this one $300 you can find some cheap ones like for business for CRM for task management for some marketing applications for employee managements we have a lot of SAAS softwares that you can just buy and deploy on your own server and on the business let's go down we have HRM systems. we have email marketing systems we have a lot of systems so

just go and take a look on these services and choose the one that fits you the one that you the one that you feel you can be successful on. let's now see my services. what I bought from codeecanyon and what service. I am running now and see an example of my earnings for this month if you go now to h-socialproof.com this is a service for me if I bought and I'm hosting it and I'm offering this service for anyone and by the way it's free if you go here you can subscribe for free and test it for free

 what is h-socialproof

we can go into codecanyon again and you'll see social proof. this is a script that helps in digital marketing to increase your growth and get more clients and increase your social proof online so, this is the first one I bought and hosted it and here is my website you can see by h-educate now you tell me it's free how can I benefit from this yes this service is offered for free just to get more leads to get more customers so, I can promote my paid services so, simple the second one is called L-INK.ME which is a short link service also if you go to pricing you'll find that I have a free starter plan and this is very important I will mention this later in this video so you can subscribe and get a free account on this awesome premium URL shortener and shorten your links and monitor them also it's found here

 if you go here and search for URL premium shortener whatever

let's go you'll see premium URL shortener and it's around $33 it's not that big deal so I got this service also I hosted it and now I'm offering it for anyone so you can subscribe for $7 per month with silver plan and gold with $9 per month you can see this is how things work let's now go and see my earnings for this month I will go to again here and login to my service login let's open this alone and click on admin and you can see this month in January or the last month I made around $4,700. I just made this while I'm sitting here at home it's really an awesome idea just think big think and plan for a successful online business so this is my services and by the way I'm now developing and use service called h-supertools.  it will be available soon next month. it's really an awesome service allows you gives you a lot of digital marketing tools also

 it will be available for free like YouTube keyword tool SEO tools email tools links tools and so on everything will be free I hope you'll enjoy this awesome software it will be published next month again why it's free simply to get more customers to get more leads to get more people build my audience and then I can promote any service any paid service the idea is somehow simple okay so, as I told you just go and search for a service that you want or if you have an idea and that you want to develop and sell .online you can hire a developer or build by yourself as I do if you are a programmer anyway

just get this service buy it and the next step is to host this service is to make it publicly available so, you need a domain name and a server to host this online you may tell me now. I don't have any technical background and so on why I'm here I created a full video on how to host any PHP scrip any service online and I will give you a coupon so you can test everything for free just check the video in the description below to learn how to host any service online and have your own service for you your own business online hosted and publicly accessible by everyone the idea is really so simple watch that .10 minute video to learn

how to host that service so this is it we get

 the SAAS service we host it online and then we need to get our customers but before we get customers we need to know how we get paid how customers how people will pay us simply this is also implemented automatically inside these applications and this is what really makes it simple. if we go here and look at the service as an example you can see it's Stripe and PayPal ready so, you can have a PayPal account or a Stripe account and simply integrate it automatically inside these services and start  getting paid now by the way as a small note if you want to get these services and recurring payments you have to pay some more money like buy a license for $200 if you wanna get recurring payments and .so on but you can start and get payments manually using PayPal or any other system like Payoneer

if it's not available in your country and so on you may tell me now manually yes you can handle this manually and if you are successful you have your first 400 customers we can get an extended license and start recurring payments and managing everything automatically so, this is the idea now we have the hard part I believe that 70% of any online business project or any business is marketing and 30% is the project itself so getting the service hosting it and offering it and making everything available is 30% of the project now. we have 70% which is marketing getting your

first customers and this really somehow will be hard for you if you are a beginner this is why you can see here on my channel I explain a lot about digital marketing. I have dedicated  sections about email marketing about digital marketing about YouTube growth how to build a  YouTube channel and get customers with YouTube about Facebook marketing and so on of course in this video I'll not go and cover marketing it requires dedicated courses and videos and so on you can refer to my other videos .and see how we can promote services online anyway

I want to mention some tips for you when you want to start this online business

 the first step is as I told you offer a free plan always inside your service or a free trial like 7 days or 14 days so anyone can subscribe and test your service because without a free trial it will be harder for you to get your first customers while if you have a free trial and you are promoting it you will get a lot of sign ups then you can use email marketing when you capture the leads to market your premium plans and so, on so always offer a free plan or a free trial for your customers the second thing is just make a small amount of money monthly for ads for Facebook or Google ads like. if you want to start with $50 or $30 anything just start with an amount of money monthly to promote your service and please don't .run any ad campaign before you learn marketing

 just learn go ahead and take a course about Facebook marketing or follow up my videos here or anyone who is teaching Facebook ads Google ads anything about digital marketing go and learn first so not to waste your money look I wasted on Facebook around $10,000 for nothing it's like around four years ago when I started testing ads without learning Facebook ads so in some point I stopped I started learning reading documents reading blog posts. I took around fifty courses in digital marketing to get all the knowledge so not to waste your time and money when you want to promote your services so to sum up just go search for a service that you like host the service configure it make a free trial configure your .payments market your service and sit at your home and look at your monthly recurring payments