How To Make 695 dollars in Month

 today you don't have any excuse you don't need a website you don't need money. you can start with zero dollars and you don't need any skill in this full free course. i will .show you step by step in detail in depth

How To Make 695 dollars in Month

how to start working online and how to make money online

 to reach at least three four five or even six hundred dollars as you will see in this video on this screen really this free course is a real chance is a great chance to start working from home so, please don't miss it i promise you after watching this course after watching these minutes. you may change your life stay tuned you know if you are following my channel. i don't publish any video tutorial that i didn't test

before you know to give you the best value here ishare with you things. i tested i experienced and it worked with me so, i  know it's 100 percent successful in this way i ensure to publish real value on my channel and not to waste your time and my time. i'm hasan from h-educate and today i'm really so happy so excited to publish this full free course that. i think a lot of people all over the world will benefit from and may change their lives please before you start if you are new here to my channel and if you like to watch .more videos about

making money online working from home digital marketing and online business

go now subscribe to my channel hit that red button and turn on notifications to get every new update almost almost every day before i go and start directly in this free course.i have something very important to tell youl ook now you are watching this video you have to take a decision. i know 90% of you will may be watch a couple of minutes will may be get bored or they don't like to watch videos or they don't have self-discipline or whatever. i don't know they close the video and go and continue wasting time on facebook on instagram on .netflix or whatever

if you want to really change your life if you want  to start working from home

you have to take a decision now right now in 20 to december 2020 you have to take this decision to watch this full free course that doesn't require any skill totally free everything is free just watch it and apply what you will learn not only watch it you have to apply what i will show you in this video i will show everything step by step so please be from that 10 percent and,take the decision to change your life so, let's stop talking and start working in our awesome free course so, what we are going to do today simply today we are .going to learn

how to sell products and services online don't worry

you don't need to buy any products or have a stock in your home or whatever we will do everything online starting from today and what's nice who are going to sell products for other people and you will earn commission in this way you can start today you don't need to buy anything you don't need to take care of support and tracking or whatever you just refer someone you just tell someone buy this product and you will earn a commission that's simple and this is what we call affiliate marketing which i think is the best way and the easiest way for everyone to start working today in 2020 or even 2021 after a couple of days i hope the idea is .somehow simple to sum up simply

 we are going to find a product

for someone we are going to sell this product for anyone who needs it then we will earn a commission that simple now to make things simple for you.let's dissect the operation into four main steps.step one is to find a product that you wanna sell this is step one. step two is to get the url the link of that product this link will be a unique link for you so, you can track your earnings you will know and the product owner can know how many sales you get .so it's a tracking affiliate link

 we will get the link in step two then step three we will simply promote this link.we will go and find people and let them buy this product then step four is simply sitting down and looking into your dashboard and seeing your earnings and watching your earnings almost every day and i will show you this in this video so as you see now we have mainly four steps now. we will go in .depth

step by step practically we will apply it and see how it works so, i think in this way you will get every detail everything and you can follow up with me and apply it starting from today. i don't know what do you want more i'm telling you everything from scratch and step by step so let's stop wasting time and start with step one and go and find a product to sell online. let's start so step one is to find a product to sell .and to promote online

?where to find these products simply

online we have almost thousands of products almost every service has an affiliate program that will help you join and promote their services but here.we have a problem a lot of services will require in-depth approval in order to get their links and start promoting but what's nice in this free course. i will show you services that doesn't require approval so number one is bluehost bluehost is a web hosting company so everyone working online every freelancer any small business requires a website so you have a very big a wide audience to promote too so this is a company bluehost if you go here down you will see in their programs that have affiliates you can click on this link and join .the affiliate program

 i will show you now how to do this in a little bit

so this number one bluehost it's a perfect choice for beginners like you who don't .have any websites any following anything you can join this directly now and you don't need any approvals number two is get response get response is an email marketing company also anyone working online or offline will need a service to manage the email marketing campaigns and sales funnels and so on get response is one of the best again. if you scroll down here you will see the affiliate programs for get response and what's nice in get response there is something really so .special

 i will show you this they have two programs for you 

the first one is called the boprogramogram which you will earn hundred dollars for every sale whatever the sale is you will earn hundred dollars the other one is a 33 recurring commission so if you refer a customer every month. you will earn 33 of what he pays and this is really very important if you think about it you can refer a customer once and every month you will earn so it's up to you to choose between this one and this one and you can .also join both

if you want so simply can sign up here and i will show you how to do this in a little bit the third option is a click bank now clickbank is not a product it's a market place for affiliate so here you will have thousands of products to promote.let's log into my account to show youa small example okay so, this is the clickbank marketeplace you can see here the categories arts business computers cooking e-business education whatever gaming health and fitness languages. we have a lot of products if you click on any of .these as an example education

you will see we have a lot of products thousands of products

simply here inside clickbank. you can search and rank with the gravity and pick one of these products and start promoting. i will show you now how to get also the link in the clickbank but a small problem in clickbank. it's not available in all the countries this is why i'm showing you different products so if clickbank is not available you can go with the bluehost or get response or even the second marketplace which is cj affiliate or

i think cj is available everywhere on this planet so simply after you sign up let's log into my account to show you this also let's see this okay. let's go to advertisers here advertisers means the product owners who want to promote and again here you can see in the categories section we have a lot of categories.if you go here as an example to online services web hosting check it and click on search as an example you will find also like bluehost is here contabo godaddy hostgator all these web .hosting services

you can filter by beauty automotive accessories whatever you want you will find thousands and thousands of products but here inside cj you have to apply to programs not all programs are a good fit for beginners so you have to get approval for a lot of products you can search. if you want and see if there is a doesn't require approval. i don't know really .but also cj is a great place to start with

when it comes to affiliate marketing so we have cj available ?everywhere

we have a clickbank. we have getresponse and bluehost and we have a lot of other examples by the way you can go to google and search for a free products for beginners and you'll find a lot of thousands of products now in this video in this free course. we want to do something practically so, we need to pick one of these an example to start with okay but anyway. i will show you how to get the links from all these marketplaces and services so if you want to select another .one you

have the idea on how to continue with us okay so this is how to find a product

search on clickbank filter with gravity search on cj for whatever product you want in our case. we will go with bluehost or get response and get the link and start promoting but the strategy. can be applied on any product so, feel free to select what you feel happy and comfortable with so this is how to find a product to promote again clickbank cj or directly a service like get response or blue host now. we finish step one which is finding a product so let's now go to step number two and get the .affiliate links

the links that we are going to promote and get sales and earn money online so let's start with the easiest example clickbank so if if you are working on clickbank simply when you select the product click here on a promote and then you will get this hop link generator.let's wait a little bit simply enter your account name and click on generate hop links and that's it you can see now we have this hope link click on this button. we copied it close this i will open notepad i will say here click bank affiliate link paste it. let's increase the font size very nice so this is how you get an affiliate link from clickbank so this is the link that you are going to promote and whenever someone buys the product through your link you will earn a commission so what about cj

? how to get a link from cj

 as an example i am enrolled in contabo hosting here you see this get links button click on it inside cj. let's wait a little bit this will appear and you can use it after you apply and get approval inside cj or if the product doesn't require approval you will have this button automatically so let's go here and you'll find a lot of links simply as an example. let's say i chose this landing page let's open it so this is the landing page or the product website product you can see it here is contabo web services anyway what you are going to do is to go here and click on this get code button and .then

you will see this link simply you are going to copy inside the href a tag here just copy this link simply ctrl c copy it and then paste somewhere so, as an example cj contabo link here is the affiliate link so don't copy this one because this is a .general link

you see we don't have any id here for you while if you paste this affiliate link

let's see a difference here this is very important because if you got saved using the wrong link. you will not earn anything you can see this is the affiliate link with the source id with your id everything is here why this doesn't have any ids so, always be sure to use this link from inside the link tag okay so we copied now we have the second link from cj i think it's so simple here so let's see now. how we can get the affiliate links from get response and .bluehost as i told you you have to sign up

it's totally free and anyone can do it. let's sign up and do this operation inside the bluehost.i will enter a name let's say this username enter a password whatever you want enter your first name like this your phone number company keep it empty enter the street address your country your email address. i will use my outlook email and here you need to enter a url your website url but you may tell me now hassan you told us with you. we don't need a website yes that's true. you don't need a website so from where you can get a url here simply go here to

tumblr is a social network allows you to create a free blog

just sign up and after you sign up you will see here that you have a blog. if you go here to your account or click on h-educate here you will see this is my blog.if i open it you can see so you can use this free blog inside tumblr in your url.let's do it and show you exactly how to do this free blog i will open a new browser go to tumblr.sorry tumblr sign up to tumblr

get started enter your email and your password whatever you want enter a username sorry dot com okay sign up choose this user sign up how old are you 29. i have read next super simple. just a simple sign up almost done and now. we are inside tumblr to tell you to choose what you are interested in .now let's skip .this

we need to get the free blog url

go here to your account and go to settings and you can see our blogs here click on this can see it and this is the url of your blog click on edit and this is the url of your blog.just copy it and go here inside the sign up and paste it here now since i have a tumblr account i will use my own free tumblr blog let's go down and here you need to enter your paypal email address where you will get paid so, i will enter my paypal email so inside bluehost you need a paypal account so you can get your payments and get your money. i will talk about this in depth later on in this course click i agree and sign up let's wait a little bit very nice.we signed up into .bluehost

how to get the affiliate link simply go here to links

and you will see this is your tracking link copy it copy this link go here say bluehost and this is my affiliate link for bluehost very nice so this is how to get sign up and get the affiliate link inside bluehost. we still have get response it's almost the same operation.let's sign up just for beginners. i want to cover everything as i promised you. i will say my name my email address enter a password country your .phone number

simple your website again you can paste your tumblr or simply can also go to by the way other example and here you can also create a blog inside medium so also you can copy your medium blog you can see in the same way you have a free blog you can paste it here if you want the same operation go down tell .us how 

?you want to promote getresponse as abeginner 

you can say social media article on your website display banners or others say content.i'm at a robot and create the account super simple super simple create the account now it will tell you.we sent you an activation email let's open outlook and log in to my inbox and you can see here is the email from get response. i'll click on activate your account super simple let's wait a little bit and now our account is active our affiliate account let's log in. i will enter my email and my password login and here we are in the affiliate dashboard you can see the affiliate link copy it and go here affiliate or sorry getresponse affiliate and paste it here and you can see now we have the links for get response for bluehost for cj and for clickbank product .so this is how

you can get the affiliate links for all different products 

and i think the operation is almost the same for any other products online so, if you are working in cj. i showed you how if you are working on clickbank i showed you how to get the link and i showed you other examples like getresponse and bluehost so till now.we select the products you'll have to select a product from these services and we got the affiliate link now we are ready to move to step three which is the most important and start promoting our services and getting sales so let's go to step number three so as a beginner now you don't have anything. you don't have a website you don't have money to promote with paid ads you don't have anything what .is the best strategy

what is the best method for beginners to promote affiliate links

to promote these services and reach targeted audience. who are interested in these services in your product that you are promoting simply here as a beginner. we have mainly two strategies two strategies number one is promoting through content as an example writing a small blog post about this service a service review and then getting traffic to it also for free i will show you how to do this in a little bit and the second strategy is by engaging with .the target audience in certain websites

it gets millions of organic traffic millions of visitors every month so,these are the main two strategies theeasiest the simplest that everyone can do and it's totally free and it's for you as a beginner so let's start with the first strategy which is creating content so what do we mean by promoting through content as i told you simply is to create a .small blog post

a small article review the service as an example

get response review or bluehost review or how to use bluehost a small tutorial a blog tutorial or whatever the product is about in clickbank. you can create a small article about and refer people through the article and use these links inside your article now you may tell me. i don't have a blog i don't have a website where i will publish these articles. i don't have money to create a website and so on as i told you as i promised you everything here is free so in order to create a free blog post and mention affiliate links simply you can use a free blog on medium or a free blog on tumblr or as i showed you in .my youtube channel and other videos

you can use which is a google company

to create a free blog okay or simply you can go to and in this website which is my website.i gave you the opportunity to post articles for free so what you are going to do is to go here to blog inside my website and you can simply log in and start posting articles like other people here you can see this one this person created a get response review you can see he is applying this strategy he created this article about get response and you can see this is the affiliate links here inside this article and by the way my website gets around 100,000 views every month like this .month116 000 views 

it's totally free can paste or create your articles inside my website

in forums or as i told you you can go to and create a free blog or simply create them inside your tumblr blog or your medium blog simply here inside medium you can write a story super simple enter your here's a new story into the title and start writing your post and publish it super simple so here are four websites that are 100% free and you can start your own free blog to post articles related to your to get response to .bluehost or any other affiliate product

that you are promoting as an example a good title is how to create a wordpress website with a blue with bluehost you can create this tutorial and post it on those websites. you can also copy and paste them on all these websites so you can get may be more and more traffic or as an example create a bluehost review or a cam or a comparison between bluehost and other web hosting services and so on this is how you can create a free article online and post it online now you may be wondering okay i posted my article on educate on medium on tumblr on blogger or whatever how i will get traffic how i will tell people about this article and get them to read my article and then click on the links to buy the service simply as i told you these websites already get traffic so you have a chance to get free view seven if you don't do anything like this website gets my website as i told you 100 000 if you go to .medium it gets millions i think of visits

you can see 223 million visits if you go to tumblr 

we have also millions of visitors per month 360 million visits and so on so after you publish it may be may be you have a chance to get traffic without doing anything but of course. we will not just paste our articles and write them and sit down and wait no let's do some more work to get free traffic to our articles to make things faster and to earn money faster and to get and earn more money per month to get more traffic and more visitors into your articles but before i tell you how to get free traffic may be someone may tell me i don't .know

how to write an article or my english is not that good or whatever

here i have for you three simple tips number one is to learn how to write articles you can go to my youtube channel you will find a video on how to write the perfect article which is optimized for seo and for readers also another trick is to go to google here and search for free plr articles search for this on google let's see this let's open this website and this website as an example if, you go here you .can see free plr article directory

what is plr articles simply

they are free and you can use them .anywhere you have the right to use them it's totally legal you can see the category affiliate marketing advertising whatever as an example. if we open affiliate marketing just as an example you can see here. we have all these articles you can pick one let's say make money with google adsense this small article. you can copy this and add your affiliate links this is the basic method. i don't prefer it i prefer doing some more work as an example.

you can read this article and rewrite it on your own way add some buttons add some images and so on but these are free articles. you can use and start posting all over the internet add a small blog post and add your affiliate links as an example let's say this one i will copy it i will go here to my .blog to .my account

i will log in in my inside my blog. just to show you a small practical example on how to do this.then simply you can go here and click on my blog inside your account after you sign up and then you can simply add a new post so, i would paste the title here make money online with google adsense and let's get the article let's say this is the article and let's paste it here as an example as i told you just don't paste .and post directly

if like 1 000 of you now apply the same strategy on the same articles it would it will look like spam i really advise you to do some more work like change the title change some words here add some images add some may be paragraphs i don't know may be you can join multiple plr articles together just do some more work to post really a good article. that will attract more visitors okay so, just one note how to add a link inside this article just for beginners as an example here is our .bluehost affiliate link okay i will copy it

if you want to add a link

 you can say click here to get a hosting anything just example.just i will select this and click on this insert link and paste the link here and click enter or apply then edit this be sure to edit and click open a new tab so whenever someone clicks on it the link will open a new tab and the reader will stay inside your article and then you can simply choose a featured image select the categories and submit your post the same operation is for tumblr is for medium is for blogger the same operation just create the article that talks about the product and .add

your affiliate link inside it okay so this is how you can create a small blog and post your articles and post the links inside it. i think the idea is somehow simple till now everything is free you don't need to pay anything anyone can apply it from any country okay even from your mobile phone you can do this i think there's nothing here that requires a desktop or a laptop or whatever very nice so now you have the products you have the links you posted the articles with the links now whenever someone reads your article and click on .the links and buy the service

you will earn money that's simple so this is the first strategy

is with con is with writing articles but now we have a problem is how to get the traffic to these articles how to do some more work to get more traffic and to accelerate the earning operation or to make money faster online and to make more money and ,to build a real business online okay so whenever you increase and get more and .more traffic

more visitors to your articles you will obviously get more conversions and more sales to your affiliate products so the question now is how to get free traffic now please excuse me. if i want to go in depth and explain how to get free traffic all the methods step by step maybe i need a full course inside this course so, i don't want you to lose focus but if you are interested in learning more on how to get free traffic into your articles or into your blog and your website. you can simply go here to my youtube channel and go to playlists you will find a playlist with six videos on how to get free traffic to your website starting .from day one

you can see in my videos i have this the bomber traffic method i have this video how to get traffic from quora and so on so i will keep all the links attached by the weekend check the links and watch these videos after you finish this course and learn how to get more and more traffic into your articlesso till now we learned how to .get the products the affiliate product

 how to get the affiliate links and how to market the affiliate links and add them

using content marketing or mainly and more precisely using articles and blog posts that i showed you four websites totally free to post your articles on by the way may be you have already a blog or may be you have like five dollars per month to invest in creating a professional blog you can do this you can go to my channel and scroll down. you'll see here a video on how to create a wordpress blog like my blog like h-educate the blog if you go here to

this is just a small log if you have some money to invest and create a professional blog you cando this you can watch this free tutorial to create a blog like mine like h-educate like this one you can see this is my professional blog and by the way you can go to my blog now and take a look on the type of articles on the titles on how i create my articles.we can take some notes and ideas to implement the same structure and the same strategies to create your own articles.i don't mind this also another small tip go to at the free seo digital marketing tools platform here go to seo to keyword research tool and to the questions explorer tool or also up in the .youtube keyword tool

what we can do here is to find ideas

 as an example we are promoting web hosting as an example okay you can say here web hosting click on search and now this free tool.will give you a lot of ideas and topics that you can write about as an example the best web hosting what is web hosting best web hosting for wordpress all these can be titles and articles or topics to write about we can also use the question explorer as an example say web hosting and this tool will help you find what people are searching for and this is very powerful you can see here and explore questions .that people are asking as an example

why web hosting is important also this

can be used as titles for your articles as topics for your articles you can also use this free keyword research tool on h-super tools to get more and more ideas and topics anyway these are some tips go to my blog to h-super tools to get more articles more topics to write about inside the free blog post i think the idea now is somehow simple and anyone can apply it.let's now move on to the second strategy in promoting our affiliate links which is engaging with the target audience in .specific websites

what are these websites and how we will engage with those audience

to refer them and what are some important tips and things that you have to do.let's see together now simply you are going to answer questions related to your products. let's go directly and see practically how to do this go to website called this website gets every month like seven million visits okay can search for questions related to your products as an example search for web hosting okay and find answers or find questions related to your products and answer them then you can promote the affiliate product okay so, this is number one number two is

the same concept you can answer questions on yahoo answers related to your products the third website is which i think is one of the best websites.i always talk about it because really quora changed my business i get a lot of traffic if you go here to my profile you will see that this month.i have 50 000 views on quora.i have till today 343000 views on quora. it's really awonderful website to get traffic from if you go here to my youtube channel again because this .because it's really very important 

i really advise you to go to my youtube channel now to my videos you will see here this video how to get free traffic to your website from quora in-depth step-by-step tutorialon how to use quora the best practices to get traffic from these awesome websites the same concept you can search here for your topic as an example in my case web hosting sorry web hosting and find questions related to your products start answering answering .them as an example

? what is the best web host to use

you can simply here write a small answer click answer write a small answer and mention the service you are promoting okay the same concept on quora on yahooanswers and also you can find forums as an example here is my forum you can go and answer questions on my forum and link back to your services but here you have to know something very .important please focus very well

if you don't want to get banned on quora or yahoo or you have to do something very important which is never never share the affiliate links directly in your answers here as an example you get this link here copy and you say press here whatever and you paste the link and click add and this is the affiliate link never do this in the answers now you may tell me okay so, how i will get traffic from these websites or how i will get clicks to my affiliate products please focus and some patience with me don't ever do this paste the links directly. 

you will get banned in quora in or any other similar websites you may find on the internet but on my website you can do this. i will allow you to add the affiliate link directly to help you so if you are answering questions on my forum and posting in my blog.

i will allow you to add affiliate links in this way i can motivate you and give you some push to start working at the same time i can get more people to my website to engage in my forum anyway so how to fix this .problem

? how we can then get a traffic from inside

quora simply you have to build what we call a small landing page a landing page in between the affiliate link and quora or other websites. how to do this how to create a landing page let's say this is the affiliate link okay. if you open it here.we will go directly into bluehost using our tracking link you can see this is the affiliate link for bluehost as i told you you can do this inside quora so, between this page and quora we have to create a middle page a landing page a small page that is allowed to add in quora because it's a small web page you can add it with no .problems and the landing page

will take you to this main affiliate service or affiliate product so everything will be illegal you know you not get banned everything. will be perfect so how to create this small landing page now we have two choices the first one is somehow paid you must pay like five dollars per month to create whatever landing pages you want if you go here to my youtube channel and go down here you can see how to create landing pages for cheap step by step. i showed you exactly how to do this but since this video is about 100% free method to help you. i will show you now a free method to create a small landing page simply go to if you are following me you know link dot me is a short service a short url service powered by h-educate  simply here.let's open other browser if you go into pricing.i added a free plan. i have the free plan today just for you to start this tutorial to work in affiliate totally for free you can add up to five urls and get up to ten thousand clicks per month totally for free and you can add five custom splash pages which is the landing pages that you can create for free inside also you can add one custom domain and custom addresses

so everything will be free just sign up in using this free plan and then you will have this dashboard what you are going to do simply is getting this affiliate link where's my link getting this affiliate link copy it and here inside go to splash pages and create and use splash page click on create a splash page enter a unique name as an example splash 101 whatever enter the link to the product here you will enter the affiliate can see the affiliate link will be here you can add a custom a custom title like get the offer now and add an image a logo and a .banner for this page that simple 

you can add also a custom message and create a splash page

that's simple after you create the splash page it will be here let's edit this this is my splash page and simply.i will go to my dashboard again to my dashboard and then. i will get this link again or my affiliate link sorry and paste it here then in the advanced options. i will say other example blue host anything and here you can select splash and enter the custom splash page you have and if, you have a custom domain you can select it here and click on shorten sorry is taken bluehost anything shorten okay so now we have this custom splash page if you copy it and open it in the browser. it is a small landing page and .whenever someone clicks on this link

he will go to bluehost using your affiliate link so here you can build a free landing page a free splash page to use in websites like and quora and so on it's better to use your own custom domain to look more professional and to allow quora give you some high reputation as you are using a custom domain any anyway now you can create these small pages small landing pages and use them inside quora inside yahoo answers inside to promote your affiliate products. i hope you got the idea so these websites get millions of visits just answer questions related to your product please go to my youtube channel watch this video it's very .important i explain step by step

in 20 minutes a small free course on how to answer questions how to create answer templates everything to get the best out of quora and yahoo answers at also you can go to my forum and answer questions totally for free. just get traffic to your affiliate links using this second strategy and start making money so these are the two main strategies free strategies that anyone any beginner can start with of course. we have a lot of other methods also free to get traffic you can go here to my youtube channel go down you will see .this web this video

?how to get traffic to affiliate links

 copy my methods you can also learn different methods but in this free course. i am showing you the easiest methods that anyone can do and it's totally for free.i hope you got the point so just to sum up again we selected the products we got the affiliate links here. we explained two strategies for beginners to promote which is creating content articles on websites and answering questions and how to build free landing pages with totally for free everything is for free everything is for beginners. just you need to take action now and start and apply what you have learned in this free course so these are the three main steps in affiliate marketing on how to make money online i explained in .detail in this free course

now we have to move to step number four which is the last step which is sitting down and watching your earnings to give you some motivation to show you a proof that this really works.let's log in to one or two of my dashboards and see the earnings on the screen so the first one is cj. i will log in and the other one is hostinger affiliate it's a web hosting company also i will log into impact to show you maybe i have a couple of dollars also here.i will log in let's log in also here so like every day you can log in to your dashboards and start enjoying your earnings online so this is the first dashboard you can see here is cj

this is my dashboard and i have in my balance1200 dollars earnings. if you see this week. i made like 118 dollars this month i made around 695 dollars only in cj last month. i made around 586 dollars and so on so you can see this is my first dashboard after you apply this strategy you have to sit down and start enjoying your earnings from different platforms.let's see impact i also have like 85 dollars incoming in my balance. i have like 42 dollars approved not bad let's log in to hostinger affiliate to see also what i have for the last couple of days here's my publisher account very nice. we have 144 dollars also for the last week i think or a couple of days last seven days very nice so you can see in this way after you apply .your methods

you can start enjoying your earnings in different platforms 

for different services this method is 100 Working it's one of the top methods that maybe 80 percent of people working online do it's affiliate's one of the top methods to work online today in 2021 so in this way we have covered the four main steps finding a product getting the affiliate links promoting the links and enjoying sitting down and looking into your earnings dashboard these are the four main steps for this free course now we have one last point.i think it's also important for a lot of you which is how to get the payments the payouts. iwill explain every platform how to get the payments from after you earn money also to have an idea maybe you need to get a paypal account maybe a bank account and so, on now to make things simple for you in .terms of payouts

usually, we have three main methods paypal or direct bank account direct deposit in the bank account or may be a cheque by mail or simply using pyoneer so just to have an idea some examples bluehost uses paypal but you have the right to contact the company whenever you have some earnings may be they have some private methods they can use to send you the money maybe tell them. 

i don't have a paypal.i have bank account just contact them and try but in general bluehost uses paypal clickbank uses paypal or direct deposit or pyoneer so it has all the payout methods cj uses direct .bank deposit and by the way by the way just in case you don't have a paypal account you can simply go to as i told you all the links will be attached you can check them.if you go to pioneer which allows you to create a virtual bank account online so if you are in china or india or whatever any country you can create a bank account that is us based or .maybe uk based

just sign up register and pyoneer and you can create a global bank account to use in any service so, pioneer will help you it's worldwide i think in all countries available or paypal or direct bank account but anyway if you don't have a paypal or pyoneer or whatever please don't give yourself any excuse from starting getting your money at last i think is the easiest step even if you don't have a paypal if you don't have a pyoneer account or a bank .account

you will still get a solution we have alot of companies now

that exchange money between pyoneer and paypal between bank and paypal and so on you can contact a friend online. we have alot of services like this so, please don't give yourself any silly excuses from starting just start now create content promote get traffic get sales earn money and you will get them. just contact the company they will help you and tell you how to get your money so,then so don't give yourself any excuse from starting i showed you everything you don't need any .money no investment

just you need like one hour a day to work to really concentrate and focus and start working and following step by step you can watch this course may be multiple times and start implementing the strategies watch my other related videos ,my free videos to get more traffic and so on so you can earn more and more money and by the way you can go to my youtube channel and to my playlists here you will find a full playlist about affiliate marketing .case studies

you can see affiliate marketing case studies

 i showed more than five case studies step by step. what i did to earn money from different products you can also watch them to learn more and more ideas and tips on how to scale up this affiliate marketing business online. i hope you enjoyed this free course because if you have any questions you can comment them below or simply go to my forum now h-educate/forum and submit your .questions

i will be there almost like every two days to answer your questions like monday wednesday and friday to answer your questions on the forum also if you want to help others and motivate others you can share what you did your earnings everything in the comments or in the forum so, we can help each other and motivate each other work online and change our lives please don't forget if you like to watch more videos like this more free courses subscribe now now to my channel and turn on notifications and don't forget please like the video to give me some motivation to publish more and .more videos like this see you Later