Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online and Online Jobs to Work from Home

Almost every day people contacted me asking, hey, we want to work online,you want to earn money online and want to work from home. Please help us in this video. I want to share with you my top three online jobs to work from home and build your own online business from your own home. Stay tuned and follow up with me before we start. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to get every new update almost every day.

So let's not waste time and start with job number one


online courses. Here you can see my revenue from selling courses online.If you remember one of my videos on my channel,like six months ago, I told you that at the end of this year. I will reach around 2000 to three thousand dollars and next year. I will be earning five thousand dollars. You can see in December 2019, I reach two thousand three hundred dollars per month on Udemy.And in January you can see we are almost five days and I get around five hundred dollars. So you can predict like three thousand dollars for this month on Udemy.

It's really a good opportunity to start today creating online courses and publish on Udemy. Thinks to you, udemy have a millions of students that are ready to buy you high quality courses. The idea is simple create high quality courses or something that you are professional and market your courses and you will succeed.I explain how to market your courses in my video here on my channel, you can check description below.

The second job is to start a YouTube channel today. 

Don't tell me we have a high competition. No one is like you started on YouTube channel of something you love and look at my revenue for each one hundred thousand views I earn one thousand five hundred dollars. It's really high revenue on YouTube. Please check my YouTube playlist to help you create your channel,boost your views, get more sales using YouTube, how to get more revenue and earn more on YouTube. All you find here on my channel to help you build a professional YouTube channel today. 

The third job is starting a blog and monetizing with Google adsense. 

If you know I have a website called cactico dot org, you can notice that all the jobs I'm sharing with you in this video I tested, I'm using it and there's my online business and really gets me a high revenue every month.So I work only from home, from this little desk in my sweet home. So this cactico org. And you can see I'm monetize with Google adsense. So you simply create a blog, create a website, add some articles and then submit to Google adsense and simply can earn good revenue from Google adsense. 

Let's take a look on my Google adsense account. You can see here some of my earnings on this account.Two thousand dollars. Six hundred dollars. If I go to my second account, my match educate account to see, you will see my earnings. One thousand dollars,one thousand seven hundred dollars. Six hundred dollars, six hundred dollars every month. So it's also a good source of revenue.Using Google adsense. And by the way,my website and my channels are not that big. So imagine if I have a channel for 100000 subscribers or if I have ten thousand daily visits on my website,I will have really a huge number,a big revenue every month. 

By the way,if you don't have time to create websites, 

if you don't have money to create websites, you don't know how to apply to adsense and you don't want to bother your head and Google adsense and so on,cactico allows you to submit your articles. So if you are interested in writing about anything, you can just submit your website here just on my website and submit your article and you will earn per view. You can

share your articles on social media and earn directly through my website to help you with  zero  commission. What you earn,you will earn. I will not take anything from it. It's a small gift to help you start online and working online from home. I hope this helps. Thank you.Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to get every new update almost every day.